Develop Psychic Abilities Exercise

Discerning Relationship Energy

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One of the first things you want to learn to interpret when you want to develop psychic abilities is how to discern the relationship of a person coming up connected to your client or spirit stepping forward. 

To do this you are going to want to use the guide below to say and than feel each of these relationship roles.

Once you have established a unique energy signature if you’re empathic or a sign or symbol if your clairvoyant than, officially assign your impressions to each relationship role for future reference.   

Having Trouble?

Start with male and female, than more general roles like parents. Once you have a impression for parents than see if its male or female.

First lets discern the two main energies:

  • A Male
  • A Female

Second, lets discern immediate family:


  • A Mother
  • A Father


  • A Sister
  • A Brother

Third, lets discern extended family:


  • A Grandmother
  • A Grandfather

Fourth, lets discern non-related energies:

  • A Boyfriend
  • A Girlfriend
  • A Friend
  • – Male or Female energy

Lastly, lets discern higher beings of light:

  • A Spirit
  • A Guide or Guardian

Congratulations, you now have assigned your psychic impressions to reference relationships connected to your clients!