How Education Leads to More Money

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How Education Leads to More Money

We all know the drill by now. Study hard, get good grades, go to a good college, graduate and make lots of money. Right? Is this how education leads to more money? Perhaps. Or can you earn more money by deciding to buy Mastercard shares (Mastercard Aktie kaufen), or other shares, through the stock market instead? Yes. It can definitely work. But today, we’re going to be taking a different approach.

Sure you can take the traditional route and wait until you have your college degree to start making money. You can also rack up the student debt so that you can afford to earn your degree at a young age instead of waiting to go back to college. If you want to know how long it will take you to pay off this debt, you can check here to use SoFi’s purpose-made calculator to figure out the date that you will have officially paid back all of your student debt! This is a great tool for planning your finances in advance.

On the flip side, you can use education to actually make some money yourself. I wanted to look at how the education process leads to more money. How can you make more money from being a tutor/education?

You can teach a rare skill to others.

Passing on a rare skill can be very rewarding and lucrative for both parties. I’ll share three quick examples:

  1. My friend Justin teaches young kids how to play the guitar.
  2. The instructor at my kick boxing gym teaches individuals of all ages how to defend themselves.
  3. Another friend of mine has recently learned how to use something like this GoldShell LT5 PRO in order to mine different types of cryptocurrency that he can then trade for his own personal gain – to increase his wealth mainly.

In both cases above, the education process revolves on teaching a rare skill to those that are interested. By being a helpful coach you can make yourself some decent money.

You can teach a common skill to others.

Okay I’ll be the first to admit that not all of us can teach some amazing skill that’s so rare. The beauty is that we can all teach something. I personally have no artistic abilities or hidden talents. I can however teach English to foreign students or help grade 2’s with math (maybe grade 3’s). It’s very common for college graduates to spend some time abroad teaching English. This proves that you don’t have to be a master at anything revolutionary to make some money from teaching.

You can tutor students in something that you’ve excelled at.

In college there are many core courses that students will struggle with. In my business program, many students struggled with a Corporate Finance course because all business majors were required to take it. This meant that if you took Human Resources or marketing for four years, you still had to take this very challenging finance course. Yikes!

Many students either failed this course or barely squeaked buy. I remember getting an email from a student that had completed the course with an A. This student offered group tutoring lessons where he charged $30 a piece for an hour. Not a bad way to earn some extra cash in your spare time. You can also become an online tutor for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Social and Economics with Smiletutor.sg and earn over $30 to $130 an hour depending on your experience.

You can teach a process.

Have you ever heard of the book, The Game? It’s all about Pick up Artists. Long story short, there’s a community of entrepreneurs out there that make an absolute killing by teaching other guys how to pick up girls. Yes. They charge a couple of thousand dollars for a weekend seminar. They also sell many other products where they teach others the process/art of seduction.

You can also turn your teaching of the process into an eBook. This is what I did with my thought process on deciding if you should buy or rent a home in your 20s. I turned this complex topic into a guide for all of the other young professionals that are struggling with making this decision.

At the end of the day all four of these options are a viable way that the education process can make you some money. Are you ready to start teaching?