At a rest stop a man saw my site decals on my Jeep and asked me how much for a Palm Reading; confused when I told him “I don’t read Palms” I remembered I had someone I could recommend. I’ve only had my Palm Read twice. The first time was at the Buckley Old Engine Show were a $5 Reading turned into an uncomfortable moments of being asked to give money in exchange for prayers! The other I received (below) for $10 by Top Rated Seller Alexandra Dawson AKA PalmReader37 on Fiverr.

fiverr palm reading

About the shape of your palm and fingers

Your palm is sturdy and longer than your fingers. This tells me that you have the fire shaped hands out of the four possible hand shapes in palmistry. The fire shaped hands are associated with a strong drive, energy and often good leadership abilities.

The fingers in your case are pointing towards you having a rather strong intuition. The little finger does also stand slightly apart from the rest of the fingers which does suggest you also have a somewhat of a free minded nature.

About the lines on your palm

The life line on your palm is present and notably bold. It points to good energy and drive and a forceful nature. Judging by the number of lines that crossing the life line; I will say that you will have three major setbacks in your life. Judging by your age and the position of these cross lines, one setback has already happened while the other two are about to happen in your thirties.  

The head line in your case is quite long spanning nearly completely across your palm. This is a sign of a rather strong mind. The line does also have a straight nature which does indicate that you have a good attention to detail.

About your health

In general the lines are not indicative of major innate issues with your health. You should however be careful of stress. Even if you think that you can manage it now, I think that in your older age it will pay off health wise if you keep stress at low levels right now. I will strongly recommend mediation or a similar stress reducing practice in your case.

About your professional life

The palm in your case does have a very strong fate (destiny) line. This is often a sign of a successful professional life and good profits. Success often comes progressively and slowly with a fate line like yours though it is always present. You can also expect destiny to have strong influence on the happenings in your professional life. Many occurrences in your professional life (and indeed your life in general) will happen as if they were predetermined due to this strong influence of destiny.

In general the strong appearance of the head line leads me to believe that you will have most success in professional areas in which your strong mind will be used. You simply have the palm of an intellectual and indeed intellectual professional positions suit you the best.

Also professional positions in which you would able to advice other people are suitable due to your developed intuition.

Depending on various marks on your palm a lucky number can be determined. In your case when everything is taken into account your lucky number is 2.

About your personal life

When the personal life is concerned the heart line is most important. In your case the line is quite clear, bold, straight and nearly parallel to the head line. This suggests that despite your large inner life you tend to have good control over your emotions. Your strong mind might overpower the emotions in a way.

The ending of your heart line is positioned under the index (Jupiter) finger. This indicates that you have a somewhat idealistic view on relationships in which romance plays a significant part. As the heart line ends with a small but clear forking, I will say that you will be able to find a healthy balance between the personal and professional life.

In terms of palmistry love matching, people that have the fire shaped hands are most suitable.  People that have the air shaped hands are a second, less desirable option. People that have the water and the earth shaped hands are unsuitable.

About your luck

The fate line also does have an association with luck. This leads me to believe that your luck levels will also have a notable progressively. This means that you will have greatest amount of luck in your older age.

Similarly to the lucky number I mentioned above a lucky month can also be determined.  In your case it is August.  Therefore the date of 2nd of August will be quite lucky for you or at least have a special significance.