Everyone Possesses Freewill, Whether They Realize It Or Not

I have had clients in the past that urge me to give them dates and even times of when an upcoming event is going to happen and I have been right but I also have to explain that when a person is receiving a psychic prediction, the presence of freewill has a major effect on the outcome.

While many may be under the false belief that a psychic can predict their future with complete and total accuracy, the reality is that receiving a picture perfect psychic prediction is close to impossible, especially when a person has freewill and you take other variables such as other people and time into consideration.

We can make any choice that we want to in life, for better and for worse

There is no aspect of our life that has already been determined for us, we have the ability to make things happen. Without freewill, we would live a puppet like existence and simply sit around waiting for things to happen.

This can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to get the most accurate psychic prediction. Because we can go in any direction that we choose, this makes accurate psychic predictions harder to come by. The majority of psychic predictions deal in specifics, which makes it very easy for people to simply change the course of their lives as they see fit.

For example, a psychic may predict that you are destined to have two spouses and four children over the course of your lifetime. Some people may simply shrug their shoulders and carry on living, thinking nothing of these predictions.

But when a person exercises their freewill, they are able to overcome these predictions if they choose and make a much different life for themselves. They may decide to start using stronger forms of birth control or decide to abstain from any activities that could lead to the birth of a child entirely.

Our destinies are not planned for us completely

Let’s say your psychic tells you that you are destined to meet the person who is your soul mate while you are waiting in line at Starbucks for coffee the morning of July 25th. You could very well decide to make coffee at home that day or ignore a person you meet that day who attempts to speak with you.

The bottom line is that a psychic can read energy at the time of the reading and give you their predictions, they cannot will them to come true. If you decide to live your life in a way that keeps your predictions from coming true, this is freewill at work.

Freewill is what allows us to live the lives we want, without being forced into a destiny that we do not agree with. Freewill can have a powerful effect on your psychic prediction, as it can either cause you to adjust your lifestyle to avoid allowing the prediction to come true, or you may try to go with the flow and ensure that the prediction can still take place as the psychic predicted.