Before I get into the emotional aspects i’d like to first mention Bulgarian Rose Oil, out of all the essential oils it resonates at the highest vibrational frequency at 320 Hz. It takes 50 rose buds to make one drop and for sustainability is best used by placing a drop on your hear chakra. At last years chakra scan my heart chakra was very small and I had little green in my aura so I started applying a drop of Bulgarian Rose Oil daily. In using it I have felt the emotional changes but did not expect to see so much green in this years aura photo & chakra scan.

Bulgarian Rose Oil aura effects

Appreciate & Discover The Love Around You

Whether you’re single, yearning and single or coupled and mismatched, it is possible to open much more to love. Take a minute to appreciate the love you see around you or others love when you see happy couples, instead feeling judgement and envy.

As an alternative to participating in conversations that are gossipy about who left whom, talk about who’s joyful. Re-language your “men are dogs ” language to among favorable expectancies. Find favorable manifestations and verbal expressions of love.

Activate Love With Inner Sight

Life is a co-development. Use creative visualization and your imagination to see the love your desire as already established, creating real space you want.

Count Your Blessings

Rather than counting all the ways nerve-racking relationships can be, count your love blessings.

Create a “love gratitude diary” for noticing day-to-day expressions of love in your life and over your lifetime. 

Change Your Status Vibe

Flirting, loving yourself in the existence of another, is a wonderful practice to open your heart up. Flirting is a divine female energy practice. Flirt to that cute man who always grins at you with everyone from the supermarket checkout individual.

Let Loose

Both solo dancing and partner dance are excellent for opening up you to feelings of happiness. It’s a fundamental part of opening up your heart chakra as happiness is regarded as the domain name of the second chakra. Interesting alluring partner dance contains the tango and salsa. Hot solo dance contains post fitness and belly dancing. Our ability raises for being an essential element of love, in the minute. Discover joy within you, possess your hotness, and revel in your attractiveness.

Be Open To Receiving 

Have you been competent for matters that are straightforward, like a compliment?

You cannot be adored if you do not enable yourself to be adored. Learn to receive things that are great without feeling other obligations. Many people are lacking in the receiving section although champion givers. 

By learning to receive you activate your divine female energy. As an alternative to pursuing love, welcome pursuit.

Allow Yourself To Let It Go

They ate your feelings and stomped on your own heart. Please don’t let your future be stolen by negative past relationships. 

Go forward with choice, sharing, private rite, self-empathy and journaling. Voice, movement, and tears are the ideal mix to release trapped emotions. You may select to symbolically bury your previous relationships in the ocean or the world.

Open your heart and adopt the energy of love.


open heart chakra

Heart & Throat Chakra Mandala

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