Hello, Holly Joy here. I was born and raised in Traverse City, MI and I wanted to share a little bit about myself and what I do. The word Psychic means Of The Soul, my work is Soul Work and with that my mission and calling is to ease the burden of uncertainty that befalls us all by helping my clients learn what information resonates within their Soul so they may feel in alignment with their intended path and exprience optimal outcomes in their lives.

You may have heard that everything is energy and you are a light being, a Psychic or Soul Worker connects with that energy, that light and thus, you may think of me as a light worker in the way that my light energy interacts with yours and communicates with me though intuitive impressions and empath feelings so I may answer questions, provide insight and guidance towards a better and happier life both in the here and now, as well as the future.

I have been a professional light worker since 2012 and have been gifted to exprience a full-time living connecting with others and helping them move beyond challenges. I have intermingled light with people from all over the world through my Online Psychic Readings, but today I want to talk about being of service to my neighbors here in Traverse City.

I’ve lived in Northern Michigan my entire life. I grew up on a resort near Arbutus Lake, and from a very young age I was sensitive to, and emotionally influenced by, the energies of that place. I didn’t understand this until later in life, but before the property became my parents’ resort, it had been an Adult Foster Care, taking in patients displaced by the State Hospital until it was their time.

Needless to say, the number of people who experienced their last moments their and the residual energy emotionally charged the area, the effects of which I felt, saw and heard growing up as a child and am still sensitive too this day although, i’ve learned how to work with, transmute and clear energy since. 

Growing up at a resort meant that I was always surrounded by strangers from all walks of life and being an intuitive empath meant people were always opening up to me and sharing all sorts of personal information that others might be taken back by or judge but, i’ve just never been attracted to feeling those types of ways. For some children, this would be discomforting but I was enticed by the connections. There seemed to be an endless stream of new faces, stories and states of being that accompanied the guests staying to experience the fall colors, the Cherry Festival, Northwestern Michigan Fair or relocate to the Traverse City area.

My skills became more pronounced and prompted my understanding as I worked my way through school. Going into my college years, like so many young women, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to help people. Before I graduated from Northwestern Michigan College my calling became clear: I wanted to use my abilities as a Medium to help others navigate life’s challenges and my spiritual awakening process took hold.

As I have grown older and honed my craft, my expertise has become narrower and more defined. I Graduated in Advanced Esoteric Studies from the Temple Within School of Sacred Studies, where Denise Iwaniw; a spiritual teacher with endless knowledge was and still is a tremendous mentor and instrumental influence in the continued enhancement of my abilities and awareness as a Seer, currently studying Angelology. I am also an active participant in the events hosted at the Higher-Self Bookstore and annually enjoy Bliss Fest and visiting Lily Dale, New York with my Sister. 

My dream of becoming a guide and a helping hand for everyone who struggles has become a reality, and in that spirit, I want to give back to the community that I call home by brining my services right to the front door of my clients here in Traverse City, MI.

Psychic Readings In Traverse City, MI
Clients who have had their questions answered via my Online Psychic Readings have done so from the comfort of their own home and at the convenience of their own schedules. The same applies for my local friends and neighbors, with the added benefit of a closer personal connection and a more comfortable setting.

I’m Available By Appointment to make house calls or meet privately at Garfield Center to provide detailed, accurate, and insightful answers and guidance for life’s most pressing questions and to perform Emotional & Location Clearings. There’s no need for note taking either; per-request i’ll record our Reading and deliver it promptly after our session – this means while we are discussing your concerns, we can both benefit from an undivided and uninterrupted connection.

Travel & Rates. Convenient and personal House Calls start at just $95 for residents of Grand Traverse. In-person services also available to Northern Michiganders.  

Couples, Groups & Events. If you would like another person to be present and involved in our Reading, like a spouse or family member an additional $30 and advance notice is required so I may focus on them as well. For group events my fee is negotiable based on your needs so feel free to contact me for availability and a quote. 

Our Booking Time take as long as needed, I never rush my clients but a natural conclusion is typically reached within 45 min.

To Schedule your detailed Psychic Reading, Event or House Clearing please contact me via phone or email. I ask that appointments be requested a minimum of 24 hours in advance and that notice to reschedule or cancel be made as soon as possible.

I Ask You Provide initial questions before meeting so that I may meditate on them prior to our session. If comfortable, providing birthdays and/or photos of persons involved helps me focus, discern energies and validate I feel a connection has been established. 

Payment & Refunds. I truly believe everyone that has a Psychic Reading with me was lead in my direction for a reason; should you feel a connection is not shared within the first 10 minutes we can end the Reading with no payment expectations. Otherwise, payment is expected at the end of our meeting and can be paid securely by Paypal, Credit Card or Cash.

If you have never tried a Psychic Reading before, now is a perfect time! I provide guidance and assistance for my clients in understanding the dynamics and difficulties of the challenges in their lives. My services are accurate, detailed, professional, and strictly confidential so call or email me today to learn more about my Readings and how I can help meet your needs.

Psychic Readings In Traverse City, MI

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Psychic Readings In Traverse City, MI


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