How To Book Clients Online For Psychic & Spiritual Services At Free Or Low Cost

If you have a psychic business on the web then you will want to know more about how to book clients on your site. There is a site that helps to take appointments and manage them on any website including WordPress.

This service is called Simplybook.me and offers a plugin for your WordPress site but I just use the websites dashboard. This service will help you book clients 24/7 and will increase the number of customers that book on your psychic readings website.

What Can SimplyBook.Me Do For You?

Simplybook.me provides a free service for booking 50 or fewer clients per month with your Psychic business.

This service will provide a free way to schedule your client’s appointments and take payment though PayPal, all you have to do is:

  • Create your services and pricing
  • Set your available appointment times each day
  • Set auto email instructions for meeting i.e. Phone number, Zoom link, Skype
  • Set auto email instructions to leave you feedback
  • Create your widget codes to match your website and paste them

Now, you will not have to:

  • Convert time zones
  • Process payments
  • Send instructions or email clients

This service works on all devices so you never miss a call and when you do have a booking you will receive a notification though email and text. Your client’s information will also be collected and stored; you can download your client’s emails and upload them to your Mail Chimp mailing list to send offers and promotions to later on.

There are also many different paid plug-ins available to add on to this service to make your booking exactly the way you want it. Included is one free plug-in for PayPal but you can add plug-ins like category’s, extra photos or location if you take clients at home.

bookingAs touched on above this service even provides a way for clients to book though Facebook, all you do is login and approve their app and a book now button will appear on the top of your Facebook business page. There is also plenty of tech support if you need help.

The site is free and is very quick and easy to set up and customize in terms of style and color. You will be increasing your number of clients and saving yourself time and mis-communications by using Simplybook.me.

How To Use The Simply Book Me WordPress Plugin

Booking Clients Online I Psychic Spiritual ServicesGo to Simplybook.me and sign up and then you can add the “Book Now” button to your website. Start by downloading the appointment plug-in which only takes a matter of minutes.

Once you download the plugin you need to make sure you install it on your directory for plugins. Make sure to activate it and then click on the Simplybook.me plugin. When this comes up you can add your company name to the URL. This will be the way to sign into Simplybook.me and you can customize this page.

Now you have the plugin on your WordPress page and you can add it to your Facebook page. You can also add additional plugins for Simplybook.me, which includes one free for accepting payments. Some other plugins include; the status of the client, adding Google analytics and maps to your business.


Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Building Your Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

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