Mediumship: Types, applications and how it relates to you

Have ever wondered what a medium is and what it does?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a medium?

If it’s something anyone can do?

Basically a medium is a person that can contact spirits and receive insights, advice and guidance from them. The way this contact is carried out varies greatly from person to person. Our reality posses limited means of communication but the spiritual world has no boundaries and can communicate with us in many forms. Spiritual energy is something so beautiful and unique that it can be translated to our language so our spiritual guides can talk to us and offer us guidance. It’s so powerful that it can transcend the boundaries of our limited realm.

Understanding Mediumship

Mediumship is an open channel of communication with the otherworld. It presents itself as an innate gift but it can and should be trained. The Psychic is a person that has well developed and fine tuned chakras to communicate with spirits.. The mediums usually notice their gift from an early age and it usually manifests through a very powerful intuition or a deep feeling of being connected with the otherworld. Some people have a very strong mediating and others have it to a lesser extent and this varies greatly from medium to medium. Basically Mediumship is a gift and it is granted to us as a tool to help us evolve. Whether you receive this gift or not depends greatly on your mission on this plane and how evolved your spirit is. It’s a powerful tool that needs to be well developed and taken care of otherwise it might bring terrible consequences. Think of mediumship as opening the door of your home to allow others in. You need to be careful with who you let in otherwise you might find yourself with an evil spirit in your life.

Types of Mediumship

As far as the spiritual world goes we can’t really put a pattern on things. Mediumship is a direct connection with the otherworld but how it manifests itself varies greatly from people to people. Also oftentimes people aren’t limited to a single type of mediumship. In that sense, some people can hear, see and incorporate spirits.

Visual Psychics

These mediums can see spirits and other spiritual figures. They might receive visual messages from the other world and these might manifest through a dream or through real life events.Tarot and card readers make use of their intuition and mediumship to receive visual cues regarding people’s lives. I remember seeing a few times, a tall hooded figure across the street when I got home from work. As it turns out I later found out that it was a spiritual guide of mine guarding my return.

Hearing Psychic

This Psychic can hear sounds from the other world and also can listen to spirits talking to them. These voices often manifest themselves as a mental talk and can offer us advice, lessons, and oftentimes scolding too. Think of it like a guided intuition, an intuition with a personality. That is what talking to spiritual guides resemble

Metaphysical Manipulation / Healing Psychics

Those mediums are natural adapts at spiritual energy manipulation and can both interfere in the real world though their mediumship(Object manipulation and other physical phenomenon) and also use it to heal other people. With help from their spiritual guides, they have learned how to manipulate, concentrate and direct their spiritual energy to accomplish one of the given purposes. Extremely rare, powerful and also dangerous if not done correctly.

Incorporation Psychics

Those mediums can focus their spiritual energy so much that they can actually Incorporate other spirits, a process through which spirits can talk, other peopleand perform actions through them. In that process a spirit can take up to 80% of the Psychic’s body, changing his voice, personality, and facial features in the process. This is used to teach, perform rituals and other people from their physiological and spiritual diseases.

So with that, you should have a basic understanding of how mediumship works. It’s important to say however that the spiritual world has no pre-set patterns and mediumship might manifest in different ways. It’s important however to seek guidance should you notice any signs that you might have the gift

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