The video above explains vows and walks you though a guided meditation to remove one past life vow.


Many people have unusual tendency’s and typically do not equate them to a past life, things such as:

  • Deja vu
  • Weird memories
  • Fears
  • Phobias

Below is a questionnaire that will help you identify common traits that could be linked to one or more past life, I have filled in some of my own answers to demonstrate the connection.


  • Do you have any vivid dreams were your in another period of time?

-I have been inside a temple were the walls were filled with symbols. I have also solved complex math problems that I would not understand in the waking state.

Childhood Games

  • What were the types of games you played as a child?
  • Were any of these unusual for someone of your age?  
  • Were there any activities that consistently brought up particular emotions? 

-I would walk around barefoot all summer long. My friend and I spent all day everyday outside with our dolls “living off the land”. My house was a castle, my mother the queen and other people were the servants. I could relate this to a past life of being a peasant & trying to survive with my children.

  • When you were playing make-believe what did you envision?

-I envisioned testifying in a courtroom. I could relate this to a past life were I did such as thing.

  • Did your friends play any games that made you feel uncomfortable?
  • What did you like to wear for Halloween or costume parties?

Childhood Preferences and Inclinations

  • What consistent attitudes did you have about life as a youth? 

For example, were you exhilarated, pessimistic, optimistic, or patient? -I was described as a very mature child. I never believed in Santa or the tooth-fairy, my mothers church and religious teachings never resonated with me.

  • Did you have any habits or predilections that were uncommon for a child of your age?
  • Did your family members tell you about anything unusual that you did?

-Once I started crying while driving though a small town, I told my mom that a family died in a house fire, I could see it vividly. Last year I looked online to see if this could be validated and found there were 33 fires in that town that year.   In a past life I also lost my family this way and feel this is why I was so emotional.

  • Were you more inclined to want to be: inside or outside, with people or alone, busy or idle, talking or quiet, sleeping by yourself or with others?

Styles of Clothing

  • What styles of clothing do you really like and dislike?
  • What types make you feel comfortable or very uncomfortable when you wear them?
  • What is your favorite outfit and why?
  • Are you most comfortable in formal or casual wear? 
  • Are you comfortable wearing military, free flowing, or peasant-style outfits… Lace, flowers, or something else?
  • Which do you like more, hot or cold-weather clothes?
  • What foot coverings feel the most comfortable- Boots, shoes sandals, moccasins, bare feet, or something else?
  • What style of jewelry do you find attractive? 
  • Are there any particular clothing accessories you really enjoy?

Every chakra point can hold a past life vow that could still be affecting you today.

Chakras & Past Life Vow Correlations 

Root  = Vows of Poverty

Sacral = Vows of Chastity

Solar Plexas = Vows of Self Sacrifice

Heart = Vows of Celibacy

Throat = Vows of Silence

Third Eye = Vows of Suffering

Crown = Vows of Obedience 


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