We are all familiar with abilities of Indian yogis. Some of them can spend all day laying on nails, others can hold their breath to a point that they seem to be dead, only to wake up hours after, when they have decided to return to this world. Some of them are even seen in multiple places at the same time. Stories about yogis and their uber-human, special powers have spread from India to the West along with yoga practice and getting acquainted with Buddhism. But what makes the masters of yoga so special, what gives them these special powers? And are they the only ones that have them?

To start from the beginning, there are no super powers, although we humans are given heightened sensitivity and intuition, and an elevated state of mind that can overcome the limits of our physical bodies and physical obstacles that we might run into. Call it being in sync with harmony of the Universe. Call it feeling the rhythm of the Spheres. But the fact is that not everyone possesses this connection. And although it is not a superpower in a Marvel sense of the word, there is still something special about it. And this is why we call it psychic ability.

Psyche is an old Greek word for soul or spirit, in other words, anything that is hard to define with reason and measure by scientific means, but is at the same time felt as present and of utmost importance. Let us concentrate on what psychic abilities consist of.

While some of them address visions of future or the past, others are more oriented on objects or situations happening in the material world. Some include healing, some are just about channeling the spirit within.

Empathy is already known as a psychological ability of sensing other people`s emotions and moods, and this is the one ability that is on the brink of our material, measurable, physical world, but it also transcends into the unmeasurable, infinite, sphere of the Spirit. Thus, empathy is a necessary trait of people with psychic abilities.

Whether you like it or not, if you already have them or you believe you have them, your duty is to nurture them to help others and yourself. One of the ways to do it is by foreseeing future or past. Not rarely people have visions of past events, which is called post-cognition, and precognition and premonition is perception of future events before they are brought into play. Precognition can often come in dreams, not only in visions.

Sometimes aura reading helps feel people`s energy and thus can influence decision-making. Seeing when are people you know (or you don`t even know) is also a reliable sign that you have the psychic ability. This one particular is called death-warning.

Make sure not to mix up clairvoyance, which is perceiving reality with other senses than those given to us humans, with remote viewing, which is a term used for gathering information at a distance, or with scrying, which is using an object to predict future events. Psychometry is another similar psychic ability, gaining information about a person or an object, usually by touching them.

Often psychic abilities are reduced to communication with spirits, in whatever different forms they might come. But that particular ability is called channeling or mediumship and, indeed, in a way it is a prerequisite for some other abilities listed here. In a way, it is also connected with telepathy, or transfer of emotions and messages to other beings.

What about the abilities that affect our material world the most? First of all, we have in mind levitation, which introduces the concept of moving your own body in space, of course, despite the laws of physics. There is also telekinesis, the ability to move objects by the power of your thoughts, and pyrokinesis, manipulation of fire (not what you usually see on music festivals).

Some of the psychic abilities particularly tackle healing, especially faith healing and energy medicine, curing by channeling various forms of energy. We even have psychic surgery, aiming to remove dead tissue by an incision that miraculously heals afterwards.

Another one of the abilities included in psychic sphere is automatic writing. Some novelists from the past have talked about writing pages and pages of their books and not remembering them afterwards. Psychic ability in the act? That is upon you to decide, and if you find some of these abilities hidden in yourself, make sure to put them into use. For the good of the planet.

Emmerey Rose is a blogger from the Philippines. She loves blogging about beauty, fashion and mostly about psychic abilities and powers. She works as an assistant to the psychic medium at Backpackerverse.com. Backpackerverse offers great, in-depth articles on psychic readings and reviews.