Developing Psychic Abilities & Facing Spiritual Issues In Everyday Life Can Be Overwhelming…
…But reaching your full potential as someone with heightened psychic abilities can be much less confusing when you are working with someone that understands this is a lifestyle and can guide your psychic and spiritual development as a mentor.

The truth is, no matter how many books you’ve read on the many subjects of psychic and spiritual development, there are things you just can’t learn without asking and studying under someone who has been through the spiritual awakening process. This is why, it helps to have someone to talk to that understands your unique situation and how it relates to every aspect of your life.

Perhaps you feel blocked or don’t know how to improve your psychic abilities, perhaps you feel like your going crazy and no one understands, perhaps your relationships have been affected, your belief systems are conflicted or you’re a psychic seeking to reach higher potential but have questions about the next steps. No matter your situation, Holly Joy, located in Traverse City and Serving Northern Michigan Clients locally as well as clients world-wide by email and phone offers private, one-on-one mentoring and spiritual advice sessions to suit your needs and level of current personal and spiritual development.

If you just started your spiritual awakening process, have found yourself conflicted within one of its many lessons or are having experiences that would be seen as unbelievable to most than, it’s a good idea to touch base with a psychic that can mentor you with a broad understanding of many levels and can tap into your particular life path – saving you time and money with tailored recommendations and a plan forward so you don’t have to work it all out alone.

Continued Learning Is Great But… Is Not Tailored To You’re Individual Needs.

In a session you will get a one-on-one access to Holly Joy and her years of experience in psychic ability and continued learning in many areas of personal development and spiritual growth including but not limited to:

  • Advanced Esoteric Studies
  • Mystery School Teachings
  • Metaphysics
  • Angelology
  • Spiritual Awakening

You will get Holly’s intuitive insights by receiving personalized guidance and targeted solutions on how to solve any issue that you are having.

Sessions are designed to assist you in understanding what has been going on in your life on a spiritual level and approaching it in a way the modern day world does not. Together we will work together to bring you back to a place of peace as quickly and easily as possible by getting the answers and clarity you’ve been looking for.

As your psychic development mentor and spiritual advisor I will answer all your specific questions about your psychic and spiritual development by phone. Plus, include a FREE MP3 audio file if you’d like.

There are more and more people like you and me and although our path is often a personal one it is important that we connect with and learn from each other….

…If you are serious about developing your psychic abilities or have a spiritual crisis or hardship – let me mentor and assist you in understanding who you really are, answer any questions you have, discuss your path and develop a plan for moving forward!

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