Psychic Powers Declassified In New CIA DocumentsThere’s no lack of intrigue amidst the CIA’s recently published archive of nearly 13 million pages of declassified records. Some of the revelations that are more unusual detail the treatment of UFO sightings as well as the potential weaponization of psychic powers.

There really are numerous documents associated with sightings in Spain, Norway and North Africa and the former USSR among the numerous pages. There haven’t been any conclusive findings documented as of yet, while many sightings feature throughout the wide-ranging launch.

It seems the CIA was eager to stress the need for quick but comprehensive reporting of any such sightings as a topic of national security, listing the four periods of air defense as: detection, identification, interception and destruction. The Unidentified Flying Object Program requires that all US Air Force (USAF) commanders stick strictly to these guidelines.

The procedure calls to report all UFO sightings including those received from civilians, governmental bodies or other agencies.

When reporting a sighting, the record states the subsequent data points have to be specified and explained in as much detail as possible: contour, size, color, amount, configuration, distinct or unique features, any tail, trail or exhaust, any sounds and every other unusual characteristics not covered by the preceding points.

The USAF also emphasizes the three major reasons for taking UFO sightings so seriously: air defense and the elimination of any potential hazards to the United States or its armed forces; to determine the technical or scientific characteristics of such UFOs and therefore maintain military intelligence and technological dominance; to clarify or identify all such instances so that you can preserve strategic preparation in all eventualities.

The CIA had also formerly published its own practical group of guidelines for recreational stargazers out there to organize themselves and flood their local air force bases with sighting reports: In another revelation that is eccentric, it’s been revealed the CIA ran a succession of experiments to ascertain effectiveness and the feasibility of employing psychic spies to “collect foreign intelligence information against documents guarded from ordinary perception,” in a project code-named ‘Stargate.’

These efforts weren’t restricted to mere mortals, yet, as none other than Israeli-created, star psychic Uri Geller was brought directly into test his psychic mettle against the research workers.

Geller tried to duplicate a group of drawings created with no knowledge of the topic or theme of the doodles in a close by room.

They ranged from a firecracker to your bunch of grapes and even a fast sketch of our solar system. The CIA determined to not pursue the research beyond its initial phase, while Geller did have some surprising success throughout the experiments.

If this all sounds familiar, that’s because it is; the 2009 movie starring George Clooney and Ewan McGregor named ‘The men who stare at goats’ drew heavily from reports and rumors about psychic war research conducted by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies.