How To Give Positive Psychic Readings
Much like a snowflake, no two psychic readings or psychic readers are alike. Each reading and reader will take on his or her own distinct style and pattern. There are several different variables that can lead to positive psychic readings. Sometimes, the chemistry between the client and the reader is simply of high quality. But, there are still a few different ways to guarantee a positive reading.

One of the most important things to bear in mind as a reader is that you do not want to pass any sort of judgment with what you learn about a client though your psychic readings. Judging someone’s moral character is the kind of action that can lead directly into a negative reading experience for both you and the client. It can be common for a reader to come across a client who does not lead a lifestyle the reader may approve. As a psychic you will encounter all types of people but your job is always to read the energy & situation – leaving your personal feeling aside.

Everyone has a different set of morals they use to navigate life. It is important to remember that is your job to remain neutral and not use any judgmental language when delivering a reading and ideally to allow any such judgment to be a passing thought.

I once had a client who wanted to know about her marriage and the information I received about her husband was very dark – he was a creeper. I was unsure how to go about telling the wife so I pointed out the benefit of their marriage despite the kind of guy he has always been, I reminded her that remaining in this marriage was her choice and if she should decide to divorce him, how I felt she should prepare. She did not respond and I would often wonder if she received the reading in the positive light I intended. Nearly a year later she wrote me and thanked me for the full disclosure because she was able to walk away from the marriage without regret and protect herself in the ways I had mentioned.

Lesson learned – be sure to empower your clients when giving a reading. While it may be easy to read someone’s future and only see the negative, there is always a positive to be taken from it. We all have the power to change our future, no matter how bleak it may seem. The power a psychic wields to enable a client to make these changes can be an impressive one indeed.

You may perform a reading and uncover dire happenings in your client’s future. It is crucial to remain positive and not use negative terminology that will make your client fearful. If there are people or events in someone’s life that you feel the need to warn them about, do so thoroughly. Delivering a piece of information that may inspire trepidation or hesitation in a client, then abruptly ending the session will make for a negative psychic experience for your client. They may never trust a psychic again.

It is also important to remember that you do not have the power to decide a client’s destiny for them. All you can provide to a client is the reading and allow them to make the proper choices on their own. No one likes a stranger telling them what to do and a psychic client is no different, I have watched many psychics go on about how their client needs to change and personally I find it off putting. As a reader when I feel a need to bring up what can be worked on I use wording like “I suggest or I would consider” followed by a reason why because trying to impose your will on a client no matter how strongly you feel can have a negative connotation on their reading that blocked the intended benefits.

Follow these best practices and you will not only deliver positive readings, but you can empower your clients to make changes in their life for the better. For all the psychic readers out there, it is best to keep these ideas in mind as you perform a reading so that you can deliver the best experience possible for you and your client.