Psychic Readings, Should I Fear These Things?Is There Anything to Be Fearful of When Getting a Psychic Reading?

“Hello?” There was quiet. “Hello?” I said again.

“Um—hello. Hi. Hi there, a voice that was quite came gently within the line, I could hardly hear it.

“Hi. How can I help you today?” I knew already what was going on—a first-time caller, and one who felt perhaps frightened or uncertain.

Ana was her name, and it was really her first time talking to a psychic. Although she didn’t stay too long the very first time, we took some time getting her comfortable. But she called back after, and we were able address her anxieties and to talk further.

It’s common for individuals to have fear associated with contacting a psychic. There’s so much misinformation about what psychics do and how exactly we act—much of which is fueled by TV or films and isn’t flattering or quite authentic. I’d like to address some common anxieties to assist you feel more comfortable working with a psychic advisor now.

Anxiety #1: Are Psychics Evil/Poor/Going to Hurt Me?

I blame the horrible actual actions of the Inquisition as well as horror movies on this one. In times not far distant, any person—but particularly women were tortured, or killed if they were believed to be witches, heretics, or otherwise possess supernatural powers. Obviously, this really is a violation of human rights, but it’s left a flavor of doubt and suspicion in our cultural subconscious about people with supernatural powers. Horror movies that depict chilling, possessed creepy women or kids exhorting us to “go to the light.” No wonder folks are afraid of what psychics do!

The reality is, psychics—intuitives, advisors, astrologers, palmists etc. are only regular people who’ve developed specific skills and capacities, just like a musician, sportsman, or artist develops their abilities. We are regular people who only desire to assist.

Now, just like you will find low-key and flamboyant musicians and everything in between, psychics take different strategies, simply choose the appropriate kind for you.

A psychic is the same as anyone else and so their level of “goodness” or “badness”. This really is a judgment that is debatable and subjective, and one man’s great is another man’s terrible. You have to use your discernment whenever choosing a psychic, just like deciding on a physician. Pick someone you like who has experience as well as credentials that make you comfortable.

A psychic can’t do you any type of supernatural or spiritual harm. We can’t put a spell on you, hypnotize you, or otherwise take away your power unless you consent to that with total consciousness —but it’s incredibly improbable we’d want to do that in the first place.

Is Consulting A Psychic Disobeying Religion?

This really is a topic that needs it’s own post, but the short answer is only you can answer that. Then there’s your answer, in case you belong to the variety of religious organizations that definitely and explicitly bans working with intuitives. My own personal opinion is the fact that working with a psychic has nothing to do with faith. Because so many psychics do, I have my own spiritual beliefs, but were not in the business of attempting to woo you away from your path.

Anxiety #3: Will I get Possessed or Cursed if I See a Psychic?

A psychic can’t do you any type of supernatural or spiritual harm. We can’t put a spell on you, hypnotize you, or otherwise take away your power unless you consent to that with total consciousness —but it’s incredibly improbable we’d want to do that in the first place.Nope. To find out more on what a possession is, check this article.

Anxiety #4: What if I Hear Something I Don’t Like?

Well, in the event you are requesting a psychic to reveal an aspect of your future (that’s actually not the very best use of our abilities), theres a chance you could hear something you don’t enjoy. You have free will, and a psychic can simply look at probabilities based in your present trajectory. You always have the option to make new choices which can nullify exactly what a psychic has seen, so I’d advise you avoid asking questions that include the future, in the event you don’t want to hear “bad news” about your future. Although, I know the future is is fascinating and something everyone wishes to know about. But psychics might help with a lot more than simply reading your past or future; they might help remove blocks to relationship happiness, read your chakras and aura, help direct heartbreak, your profession, and more!

Panic #5: How Do I Know If Psychics Are Real?

This question also merits its own post, but, in a nutshell, you have to trust your intuition and do your research. There are bogus psychics out there, certainly. Sadly, they place us all in a bad light. But individuals who work for a creditable site (like ours) invest themselves because they feel called to do so.

Seeing a psychic is a fantastic addition to your own support network. We might assist you in so many ways, and also the relationships we build can endure for a very long time. Be realistic about what a reading is going to do for you, and be clear with yourself about the kind of guidance you are seeking. The vast amount of psychics are kind individuals who’ve worked hard to develop their abilities to be able to be of service to humankind.

Ready to for a psychic reading? Take the leap!