Do Psychic Readings Go Against My Religion?Sameil was practically whispering into the phone. “I can’t speak really loud,” she said. “If my husband finds out I’m calling you… he says our religion prohibits it.”

Amber said, “I imagine I’m supposed to avoid psychics.”

These are just two examples of customers who used my services only to be told they shouldn’t consult a psychic. Clearly, I understand that all my services come from an area of love and purpose for the greatest good of all and I’m not in the employ of dark powers. But my word—and the word of most intuitives and psychics —is only enough for some, and, ultimately you are able to decide for yourself if your personal beliefs that are religious are in conflict by meeting with a psychic.

Religion and the Metaphysical World

Despite the fact that many historic religious figures had some supernatural powers that are fairly powerful, many religions have a tendency to fear those with psychic abilities. The reasons are unique to each tradition, and my personal feeling is the fact that the anxiety is based on a false belief of what psychic abilities are and what they are really used for. Movies and TV additionally don’t do much to enhance the reality of psychic work, as well as psychics working with angels may be prohibited.

I’m not a religious specialist but I’ve had some customers for whom it’s okay to work with astrology and dreams but not with Tarot. Others find they could work with me as a coach or for options—as long as we don’t do any “psychic forecast” during our sessions. Making use of their guides, I work for them or do my reading ahead of time, and we work with the advice I receive on goals and challenges. I also ensure it is clear which they should be certain in their own heart so they’re not damaging some of their personal worth.

Other psychics believe the religious beliefs of these clients is more of “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation. If the client has made their mind up to find their services, then it isn’t an issue of theirs to make certain their customers are in alignment with themselves.

Questions to Ask Yourself

• Why do you imagine your religion might disapprove?

About consulting with a psychic • How would you feel in your own heart?

• Why can you imagine powers are and the way in which they work?

• How do you feel of tools or abilities you’re more comfortable with?

• Do you comprehend

• Are there kinds do you need a reading?

• If you feel it’s against your religion from the reading? Are you being realistic?

With Sameil, she actually felt talking to a psychic was wonderful; yet, keeping it secret from her husband didn’t set well with her after a few readings. I encouraged her to tell him or perhaps even invite him. She did. It was a little difficult, however he saw there was nothing to be afraid of so, Sameil continuing work with me.

In Ambers case, the anxiety produced by her pastor would never have permitted her to be open enough to get a valuable reading. They aren’t really giving their permission for me to get information from guides, and according to my religion, I can’t work with them.

At the end of the day, only you are able to determine if your religion permits working with a psychic and in the event that you agree with those rules yourself. There are a few psychics that are rooted in faith communities, for you to locate an advisor who is aligned with you in belief. Again, speaking for the majority of psychics and also myself, we are deeply devoted to our very own spiritual development and want to greatly help people and being of service to all our clients.

Should you want to work with a psychic but are unsure, have a look Holly Joy. Trust yourself to make a decision that is right for you, and remember you’re able to end the Reading at any time in the event that you change your mind. Book today!