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Reiki is based on tuning Qi, the life force or energy flow that connects all life universally.

According to the principles of Reiki, physical ailments and psychological problems such as anxiety, are related to an unbalanced Qi. A Reiki therapy session is an energy clearing and attunement aimed at bringing balance and harmony to the essential energy flow of the body.

I offer Reiki treatments optionally combined with Tuning Forks, an acoustically focused realignment of universal life energy. I often complement Reiki Therapy with Tuning Forks for the beneficial energy healing utilizing specific hertz frequencies to target and dissipate energy blockages; as well as open, balance and charge the main seven Chakras. This combined acoustical tuning with the healing touch of Reiki works to synchronize the energy forces of the body and aura; aligning them with the universal life force.

I am a locally Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner having completed both Level 1 and 2 training. Upon my certification initiation I was awarded the Reiki symbol, Choku Rei, commonly referred to as the Violin. One of the five Power Symbols of the Reiki practitioner, Choku Rei signifies a natural alignment with the acoustical energy contained within the Universal Life Force. Thus, it was a natural extension for me as an energy worker with the Violin Symbol to become proficient in the use of Tuning Forks to attain a complete balancing of the physical, mental, emotional and auric bodies.

My combined Reiki Healing Therapy Sessions are all-inclusive, aimed at retuning natural alignment of your internal life force to promote a healthy body, mind and soul. During your Session at my Grand Traverse City studio we will also briefly discuss any impressions that came-up while working on you although, you also have the option to use our time towards a full Psychic and/or Mediumship Reading to explore and address anything upon request.

I welcome inquires and will be happy to discuss how together we can align your energy for a happier, healthier and more spiritual life.

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