rh nutrition weight loss coaching for woman onlineDoes RH Nutrition require or work better with Non-GMO and organic foods?

The course is designed to work no matter what level you’re at. We’re all about finding the biggest limiting factors of our clients (the biggest things that’s stopping them from advancing) and fixing that first. We always promote food quality (e.g. organic or non-gmo foods) for clients if possible but it’s not essential for success.


Do your programs help detox the body and if so have you noticed clients finding both personal and spiritual development progresses as well?

The great thing about the body is that it’s ALWAYS in a state of detox. The main problem with a bad diet is that the body isn’t getting enough nutrients to detox efficiently. Having good nutrition helps give your body what it needs to get rid of all the toxins in your body quickly and efficiently. As for personal and spiritual progress, a lot of clients who have been through the program say that it’s the ‘inner'(mindset) change that is the biggest and that the ‘outer'(body) change is just a bonus.

How does someone know they are ready to alter their eating habits?

When we start the program we have a lesson called ready, willing and able. In this lesson we explore with the client how ready, willing and able they are to change they eating habits. We want this process to be natural with minimal resistance so when we introduce a new habit, if they are not ready, willing or able to do it then we scale it back to something that fits them.

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What type of commitment is required?

In general it usually takes somewhere between 10-30 minutes a day to go through the lessons and habits. We also ask clients to practice a certain habit every day to better their nutritional and lifestyle habits. There is also a workout (optional)/active recovery which you can do every day. Like I said we want this to be easy so as with any successful change, we start off small and build on it.

What makes your program better than others available?

A lot of programs today tend to have the wrong idea. You see a lot of get fit quick programs or ‘eat exactly this’ diet plans. Although, sometimes these can be effective in the short term, after the program finishes the progress stops or worse, disappears.

Our approach is more habit based. We give you a habit which can be applied to your lifestyle. For example, we don’t say you should ‘eat 100g chicken at every meal’, we say ‘eat lean protein at every meal’. That way clients can form the program around them and what they can and will do.

Along with the detailed view it also has a big picture focus. It’s not just a diet plan. We focus on the whole fitness (workout plan), nutrition (eating habits) and lifestyle (sleep, stress, recovery, etc) process to make it work for our clients.

But the biggest difference is the coach. The coach is there to make the program work for the client no matter what. We meet clients where they are at so that the whole process is comfortable.

rh nutrition weight loss coaching for woman onlineAre your programs tailored to each individuals needs?

The nutrition program is designed to fit any lifestyle. Although we have set habits those habits, with the help of the coach, can be moulded to fit each and every client that we get.

The workout program is more individualized. There are 28 different year-long programs that you can be assigned each one tailored to a different goal or working around an injury. Once you have your program, you can decide whether you want a full workout, an ‘at home’ workout with minimal equipment, a short workout if you’re running low on time or you can do your own thing. Going even further you can then look at each exercise and you can, depending on how you feel, make the exercise harder or easier.

All in all, the program is designed to be moulded to each individuals needs.

What can clients expect from a coach?

The coach is there to make the whole process work. They are there to work with the client and change the program to meet their needs. They are there for help and support when the client needs it. They keep clients accountable and help them stay focused and on track. They’re there to find a clients biggest limiting factors and help them navigate around them so that they can reach their goals.

Does everyone have to hire a coach or do you offer any self-service programs or guides?

Because our coaching is what makes the whole process work, our main program does require a coach. We know some people aren’t ready to make the jump to coaching so we do have a self-service weight loss program in our online store. This program will take you through some of the habits we teach in our coaching program.

It’s a great starting point to get a basic understanding of what we teach but the real value is in our coaching program.

Based in the UK do you service clients worldwide?

Although we’re based in the UK we can service clients anywhere in the world. The program is fully online so it can be reached anywhere with an internet connection. The only catch is that clients will have to speak and understand English as we don’t have any translations at this time.

rh nutrition weight loss coaching for online for medWhat types of goals do your clients have and how do you enable their success?

Our clients can have all sorts of goals. Each and every client has a different reason for getting into shape. The program is designed towards weight loss as that’s the most common goal, but there are easy tweaks that can be made to fit most goals.

We help clients get there by slowly building good habits and celebrating every small win.

What is the difference between men and woman’s coaching?

No much at all, the template we have works for both men and women. The biggest difference is the starting points. We start by teaching that change is a skill and men and women practice changing in different ways. After the first two weeks the programs is pretty much the same.

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