Starter Guide I Tarot Card Readings Online I Free & Paid

Considering your hand at free or paid tarot card readings online…


Be rest assured, it’s quite easy!

Basic Starter Items You Will Need (besides a tarot deck) Are:

  • A computer with internet
  • Optionally a webcam and/or microphone for live tarot card readings

If you have all these things, you are ready to become a tarot reader and can start giving Tarot Card Readings Online in many ways.

How To Give Free Tarot Card Readings Online 

  • You can open a chat room or sign-up at Biddy Tarot and give tarot readings online in exchange for feedback.
  • In forums, volunteer yourself (with url backlink) in order to build your reputation and show people that you truly care about reading and connecting to them.
  • Facebook is also a great way to gather a community together, gather feedback and convert your group or page to paid clients later on.

How To Give Paid Tarot Card Readings Online

  • If you are still gaining your confidence and require more validating feedback I suggest heading over to Fiverr and making a gig. In my exprience I never got as many Tarot Reading orders as I did for Psychic Readings but others have had more success. On Fiverr you can gain feedback and make a little money ($3.57 per $5 gig after fees) to put towards a website or invest in a featured listing on Keen or other network that allows you a higher starting price than.
  • If you feel called to providing Tarot Readings as a life path and don’t find a psychic network that suits you than ideally your going to want to launch your own website at some point; even a small basic website can do well if you start by focusing on your local presence as a Reader. The platform I would recommend is WordPress although there are many free and paid website options. On a website you could offer tarot readings online though chat, Skype, phone or email and accept payment though PayPal and even book clients like we do though SimplyBook.me.

Promote Yourself & Tarot Knowledge 

You will want to develop a feel or personality to represent yourself. Find your unique voice or imagine what makes you – you. Find ways to make your site pages or profile pop and catch people’s eye so that they won’t forget you. A logo, profile photo or cover image may be a great tool in appearing established and can be created like ours was for $6 (with fees) on Fiverr.

Creating Niche Content

Either way, you will want to put yourself and your skills out there using a blog and social media to share any daily, weekly, monthly tarot card messages as well as general interest pieces on any thoughts and insights you are having; this shows that you have experience in the field.

For an added boost create videos for YouTube and embed them in your blog post and share them socially to let others exprience the insight you have and collect followers; you may even want to run contest for a deck of cards or review new tarot cards.

Promoting Your Content 

Offer a one card tarot reading or a guest post (article) to fellow niche bloggers (like us) and have them link back to your URL though a review or guest post.

Writing an E-book or quick guide on related topics will also boost your reputation and can get you exposure and even make you a little money.

Building A Mailing List

When people like your content they are going to follow you, once you have some emails you can create a mailing list and newsletters to send out. You might even publish a tarot card of the week or host Tarot Tuesdays were you offer a one question – one card – free tarot reading publicly for someone as an inventive to visit and follow your website or Facebook. To create new leads you could even include exclusive promotions in your email blast (created though simplybook.me if you use it).

Engaging Your Audience

If you have a website you can create a page (like ours) that allows people to pick a digital tarot card image and receive a free message, there are also ways to do this on Facebook like taking a photo of 6 tarot cards, numbering them, letting people pick one number and then revealing the messages.

Create Fun Quizzes For People To Take (and share)

Another thing people like to do is take quiz’s and share their results. You can do this with a ‘make your own quiz’ site like Qzzr for free and socially share it or embed it on your blog/site.


Offer Free Stuff

When you give someone something for free that they like, they tend to feel more open to making a purchase. Offering free bonuses for joining your mailing list, such as a monthly free reading drawing, exclusive discount, free download in exchange for their email (with WP Plug-In DOIFD) and more.  


Reward Customers

A loyalty program is also a great way to gain and keep customers, rewards for a review and referral bonuses do the trick too.


Client Check-Ins & Holiday Promotions

Be sure to connect with client’s months after you have given them a reading to ensure that they are satisfied with their service, you can do this by collecting client emails, though an automated plugin though SimplyBook.me or via MailChimp. Your presence may be reminder enough to book a reading with you again but for best results send offers on different sales at different times of the year i.e a love tarot reading for Valentine’s Day for example. 



Take Advantage Of Local Recognition & Networking

Pass out business cards and flyers around your area so that others will check out your site. Spiritual magazines and newspapers are a great way to get some attention as well as any nearby psychic fairs, flea markets and festivals; even going to niche community events can be a start to networking and build relationships with others working in a similar space that can help you, this includes other psychics, numerologists, astrologists and of course tarot readers.

accurate tarot card readings online

Now that you know how to become an online tarot reader, go for it!

The only thing holding you back is you.