If your interested in developing your Mediumship abilities than its helpful to create a library of signs and symbols spirit can use clairvoyantly and clairaudiently to convoy messages and ideas when giving readings as a psychic and/or medium like Theresa Caputo.

Ideally you’re going to want to create your spirit library from your own life experiences and use signs and symbols that have personal meaning to you as they will be easier to remember.

However, compiling a comprehensive list can be easier said than done and some of us have an easier time assigning imagery to meaning and studying it. 

Thats why I had the idea of searching Google for a full list of  the signs and symbols Theresa Caputo’s Spirit Guides offer and she sometimes shares on Long Island Medium but to my surprise her producers have not yet composed such a list.

Thus, I’ve taken the liberty of re-watching and continuing to watch the many episodes of Long Island Medium to take note of the verbally offered imagery from Theresa Caputo’s spirit symbols library for those needing some inspiration in pursuit of their own mediumship development.

Theresa Caputo's Spirit Symbols Library For Mediumship Development

  • Hair brush with only a few stands of hair – Only kept a few personal belongings of the spirit that passed
  • Hearing “My Son, My Son, My Son”. – Reading a man that lost his mother.
  • Mountain Climber – Was ill, getting better and than died.
  • Labored Breathing – Passed from the heart, chest.
  • Hearing “Can You Believe This Is How I Died?” – Had a major illness and passed from something else, like pneumonia.
  • A Blow To The Chest – Didn’t feel anything.
  • Hit To The Back Of The Head – Instant passing.
  • Light Switch –  Had to make choices connected to departure.
  • Whispering In The Ear – Didn’t get to say good bye.
  • Snapping Fingers – Sudden, unexpected death.
  • Compass – Didn’t know what direction life was going.
  • Salute – Served our country
  • Pot Hole with Squirrel In It – Something happened in the road
  • Switched Seats – Client was supposed to be their
  • Holding Of The Hands – Wants to go back to day of departure
  • Placed In Room With Back Turned – Was their but just missed passing

As I make my way though each episode of Long Island Medium (again) I will continue adding to this list

In the meantime, feel free to share your own Symbols from Spirit in the comments below…