Hello Holly,

I am feeling stuck, and do not know how to proceed. Can you tell me what may be hindering me and what I should do?

Thanks, Bobbie


Dear Bobbie,

Thank you for your question.

I recently went through something similar myself; as you may be aware there are new higher frequency energies coming in that are available to those that are ready to work through and overcome the old thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving them. It is my impression that you are one of these people.

With these new energies comes the requirement of contraction and expansion…

In the contraction cycles you experience symptoms of feeling stuck, pessimistic, disconnected and overall in a funk that is uncomfortable. This happens because the old energy you are carrying is no longer a vibrational match with the higher vibrational frequencies.

You require a certain level of contrast to become aware of and move away from any thoughts, patterns and beliefs that carry the old vibrational frequencies that are keeping you stuck, in this way a lot of work is being done consciously and unconsciously below the surface that you are being encouraged to explore however, if you instead feed into negativity you will notice reflections of it in your life until you become aware of how your thoughts are manifesting what you no longer desire.

My feeling is you are being hindered by negative belief systems about yourself, that you want to get unstuck but are carrying fear of the unknown and self-doubt rooted in feelings of being unworthy or not good enough but these are things you will have to become aware of on your own.   

To move into the expansion phase more quickly I recommend the following: 

  • Set an intention of discovery. Example “I set my intention to release any old thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are keeping me stuck within two weeks”. Once you do this you will be presented with opportunities to work though and move past any old incompatible energy. 
  • Ask Yourself “How and why am I blocking myself?” relax and open your mind and see what answers and ideas come to you, from there you can explore deeper within childhood memories, beliefs instilled by culture, religion or other influences that are no longer serving you.
  • Observe the feedback you notice in your life objectively by creating distance between what’s going on in your head and how that is being reflected in your life. This way you can notice correlations and adjust these things accordingly.

This funk is happening to you because unlike most at this time, you can handle it. The contraction phase is always followed by an expansion period, here you can expect to be reinvented with positive emotions, great ideas and the tools you need to move forward in greater alignment with your soul’s purpose, vibrationally will become a beacon of light for others as this new energy will come in contact with everyone you do and on a higher level give them an opportunity to give themselves permission (like you have) to experience this process, evolving personally and spiritually as well.

Love to you,

Holly Joy