Give Psychic Readings Though Your Website


Start An Online Psychic Network 

Give Psychic Readings Though Your Website OR Start An Online Psychic Network using click4advisor

Starting a Psychic network through Click4Advisor is easy and straightforward. Click4Advisor enables advice providers at every level, including psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers, tarot card readers and so on with the ability to facilitate and manage their advice-providing business service.

Click4Advisor has been providing individual advisors and group managers with advice-based telephone commerce service since 2004. Using this service for your psychic business means that users can get advice by just making a phone call or at the click of a mouse.

Whether your specialty is tarot reading, psychic readings, love or any other skill, starting your psychic network has many benefits besides the ability to give readings though your website:

  • Work for yourself or hire others to work for you, or both
  • Take a percentage off the top from your advisors
  • Auto pay your advisors with taxes deducted
  • Financials are organized
  • Send W-2’s during tax season
  • Simply login to work or set your hours
  • Get paid by the minute or per call, chat & email
  • Work from anywhere
  • Online & offline status buttons
  • No monthly fee or software cost, simple percentage of 15%+ off the top

These are just some of the reasons to start your psychic network with Click4Asvisor. Working for yourself can be very fulfilling because you are doing what you are passionate about, but you may wish to help other advisors and start a network instead.

Click4Advisor offers a turnkey Internet/Phone Advice platform for companies that can put your stress and concerns at rest. The Click4Advisor leading one-on-one phone advice system can:

  • Be effortlessly integrated with your existing website, including WordPress
  • Comprehensive User, Advisor & Group Manager Web Interfaces
  • Promotions Creation & Measurement Tools
  • Mass Email to Users
  • Advisor Profile and Feedback System
  • Buffer Zone Before Charges Apply
  • Pro-Active Chargeback Minimizer System
  • SMS Notifications for Advisors
  • Private and Public Conference Sessions
  • Custom Dynamic Availability Status Buttons
  • Advisor Weekly Scheduling Wizard (Phone and Chat)
  • Advisor Auto-Call Appointment Calendar Tool
  • Automated User Callback Request System
  • Automated ‘Continue the Call’ Add Money Wizard
  • Full Accounting System with Auto-Payout Option
  • Pro-Active Chargeback Minimizer System

These are some of the amazing features offered by the Click4Advisor Internet and phone advice platform. Click4Advisor’s innovative-hosted IVR System maximizes revenue potential for Advisors and Group Agents by allowing them to do away with expensive on premise equipment. The system can be used with VOIP, landlines, and cell phones making it easily available.

Thanks to the All-Blind system offered by Click4Advisor, anonymity is maintained. Advisors will never see client’s personal information. In turn, clients will never see Advisors personal information. One of many examples is the email correspondence between clients and Advisors using the Click4Advisor Message Center. This built-in system sends communication back and forth using one’s created ‘User Name’.

Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Building Your Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

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