The Truth Of Our Being Is Emerging. Do You Choose To Move Into ‘Heaven On Earth’? 


Holly Joy recently interviewed Marilyn on Across The Realms Psychic Talk Radio to discuss her newest book

The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm Bringing Heaven to Earth”  

“The Real Meaning of 2012” discusses the evolution of energy on our planet and how it affects each person.  Reducing the influence of the ego on our lives is the major message.

You can watch the full face to face interview below.

The Real Meaning of 2012Rev. Marilyn Redmond has a web site at AngelicasGifts.com with many different areas of expertise to help you. She is an international winning writer, speaker, therapist, and consultant. In addition, Marilyn is a spiritual counselor, internationally board certified to do regression, and past life therapy.

Her web site offers her writing, books, columns, interviews, her radio shows, TV appearance and more.  Her art is also available to purchase or to order a portrait of your angels.  Be sure to connect to her blog and her videos.

She channels every month masters, archangels, Jesus and other familiar spiritual figures.   These are on You Tube.  In addition, she offers tarot, psychic medium readings and private channeling Sessions.

Recently, she was included in the anthology, “The Book of Success”. “New Glasses Bring Success” is the title of her chapter in this collection of works.  She was asked to write another chapter for the next anthology, “Hidden Success” coming out shortly.

Her forthcoming book is, “Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You”.  This book is the ultimate book for raising energy into higher consciousness.  Each chapter explains in detail, the principle for this change to occur and manifest in your life.  This journey to a higher perception brings a life of grace.

Marilyn’s first book is also on Amazon.com.  It is her poetry and art chronicling her traumatic life that brought her to spirituality.  Her E-books are spiritually based essays.

Be sure to check out all of Marilyn’s E-books available on Amazon and Kindle.