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6 “Scary” Tarot Cards That Are Actually PositiveScary tarot cards come up in many readings and understandably, it scares the life out of you. But even the most frightening and seemingly awful cards won’t have to look that bad because, in the end, it’s all a matter of perspective.

So here are 6 of the scariest tarot cards that you can also interpret in a positive way.



The Tower

The Tower card is also known as the borderless ones or the spellcasters of the tarot. Those
who have this in their reading feel like they’re in a super messy situation, especially if they have
an innate fear of falling. This can be scary for some people because it could mean abrupt
change that is out of your control. But at the same time, you can also interpret this as liberation
and the shattering of illusions. Did someone really come and rescue Rapunzel from that tower?
Or did she conjure lighting so she could get out of there? We’ll never know now, would we?

The Devil

Traditionally, this tarot card could mean addiction and enslavement to the material realm, but it’s
the material realm nonetheless. This means you can use this time for learning and choosing to
make the right decisions. Having wealth and material possessions is not a bad thing, so long as
you control your wealth and not the other way around.


People who find this card scary are those who have a stereotypical view of death, and this is the
reason why this card has a really bad reputation. Sure, death means death, but rarely does it
pertain to physical death. It could mean you will be free from your awful job because finally,
you’re catching a good break. Or, this could also point to the death of a relationship because
things are no longer working in your favor and there’s no room for growth. These things will take
some time and adjustment on your part, but knowing you’re starting on a clean slate is super

3 of Swords

Heartbreak is one of the worst things to deal with in this world, and there’s no sugarcoating how
bad things could get. However, there’s a positive side to this because the only way one could
heal is not by escaping, but by actually feeling and grieving. You cannot hide from the pain, but
you can learn to forgive, and eventually forgive. This is not for the person causing you pain, but
for you setting yourself free from the shackles of your heartache. This swords card is nothing
short of an embodiment, that’s for sure.

8 of Swords

When you get this card this could mean you are trapped, only you don’t know that. This is a
binding card on more than one level since you are bound and blindfolded. So this could mean
not only is your body trapped, but so is your mind. You may be suffering from anxiety or
depression and you don’t know how to move forward. This card is a wake-up call for you, it’s
telling you that you are stuck, but now you are free to go if you want to. If you are brave enough
to face your fears and take them by the horns, freedom awaits on the other side.

5 of Pentacles

Everyone knows how much it sucks to be left out in the cold, exposing yourself to the dangers of
the night. This is one of the hardest cards in the deck but if you look hard enough it’s pointing
you to the light at the end of that tunnel. Money troubles are one of the most difficult things
people go through, and if you’re in this situation right now, it’s clearly time for some change. If
you feel even the most important people in your life are shutting you out just when you need
them the most, it’s time to stop begging, asking, and expecting. Walk away because it’s time to
move on. No one else can empower you the way you can, opportunities are out there. All you
need to do is look, and be brave enough to broaden your horizons. Choose to be better, not

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, these are just cards, they can’t actually hurt you, can they? Think of them
as a guide, as warnings, as suggestions on how you can get back on track and rebuild your life.

Don’t be afraid of history repeating itself, that the same bad things will happen to you over and
over again. Hopefully, they did not only leave wounds in your heart but scars as well- battle-
scars that will remind you what a badass you truly are, and how you’re capable of achieving
anything you put your mind into.

I am Maria Hayes. With 38 years of astrology and fortune-telling experience, I helped thousands of clients over the world to change their lives thanks to my gift.

I’m on a mission to change the world, one person at a time using astrology and tarot reading.