Intuitive Empathic Readings Online by Psychic Holly JoyPsychic abilities, for me, are consistently on. It’ isn’t like I can just turn them off—nor do I need to. My psychic abilities are as much part of me. My body is always there and so are my empathic and intuitive skills.

I pray for direction and guidance for me and for the reading. I clear any blocks, known and unknown, from my energy field and ask for clarity and guidance from my spirit guides, angels and other being of light.

Before I take a call or automatically type my impressions I take a very deep breath and focus on my inner being until I’m certain my vibration has reached source. I truly feel my body shift for this connection. This tells me so that I can give insight that is accurate to the client. This continues throughout the reading.

Following a Reading, I ask that all energy from the reading be released to the Universe, transmuted into white light. This assures me that I ’m not carrying any remains from the client and allows me to be clear for another.

Understandably, I occasionally get customers questioning if I am really reading their situation and them right (usually 1st time psychic reading clients).

1. Psychic readings have sometimes been given a negative reputation because of readers that were deceitful.

2. When I’m linked to a client, the information flows fairly easily. This can occasionally bring uncertainty to the client that I’m in-tune with them and their situation. But, again, this usually reverts back to the very first issue and that of readers that are fallacious. Customers may challenge my capability.

ATRpsychics is a very reputable site, I made certain of that when I built it. I included policies like our satisfaction guarantee and therefore are also encouraging for the client. The reason being that by having an expectation our clients know they’re likely to receive accurate and top-notch readings. And for me, these policies ensure that I and the readers I partner with remain ethical.

psychic reading money back satisfaction guarantee When people ask the percentage of accuracy with my psychic readings, I tell them honestly I Don’t Know, nor does any other reader, as this depends on many variables like my connection to the client and the choices they make but, right or wrong i’ve got you covered with a money back guarantee. 

I strive to bring truthfulness and truth to all my readings. By doing so I feel I  provide my part in rescinding any misconceptions that are still lingering out there around accurate and qualified psychic readings. And have joyful readings!