Society views addiction in an incorrect manner…

They see addiction as something that only takes place when a person cannot control their consumption of drugs and alcohol. But addiction can rear its ugly head at any moment and a person can become addicted to a variety of things that most would not see as being dangerous. This includes becoming addicted to psychic readings.


 “the pursuit of a certain thing, despite the fact that it has negative consequences on your life.”

When an individual no longer feels like they have control over their day to day existence and has begun relying on psychic readings to make all of their decisions for them, this is a red, flashing sign that they have become an addict.

When they spend time that they do not have and miss work or other important obligations to receive a psychic reading, this is another sign that a person has become addicted to psychic readings. They may also spend money that they do not have in order to keep receiving them, another telltale sign of addiction.

What needs to be done to break the chains of addiction?


The first step is acknowledging that there is a problem. People with addictive personalities are often reticent to admit to their problems because they do not believe that there is an issue. Once they are able to openly acknowledge the problem, healing can begin.

Cut Ties with some Psychics

Addictions are often encouraged by psychics who are not reputable, so you may need to cut ties with them. A psychic who truly cares about your well being will not allow you to become addicted to their services, they recognize the warning signs and nip the issue in the bud before it has a chance to become a major problem.

Cut Down on Psychic Readings

Cutting down on your amount of contact and recognizing that you have crossed the boundaries of acceptable communication is the next step. Spending less time with your psychic and allowing life to simply happen, instead of trying to plan for every contingency is very crucial.

Pursue External Help

Have a trusted friend hold your credit card or if you require seek professional help if you know that your personality is addictive, a therapist that accepts your insurance could help you in working though many underlying issues and give you someone confidential to talk with. Chances are, if you become addicted to psychic readings, you have had other instances in life where you developed an unhealthy attachment to something. Allow a professional to give you the treatment you need to move forward with your existence.

Invest in a pendulum

Using your own divination tool can help you find the day to day answers you seek without having to consult with a psychic.

Do not be afraid to step forward and admit you have a problem. By doing so, you are taking the most crucial step towards breaking your addiction to psychic readings. There is nothing to be ashamed of and with the help of a reputable psychic and a top notch physician, you can be back to normal in no time at all.