Get Real Results With These Powerful Affirmation ExercisesYour Daily Affirmation Exercise

Daily affirmations are nothing but a concise yet detailed script of how you want your life to become. The best thing about them is that you can tailor them to change every aspect of your life with little effort. You can also rehearse them any time you want. The more you say them with conviction, the more your subconscious mind believes that the things you are saying is true. Before designing your own affirmation exercise, you have to be familiar with how self-suggestions can affect your conscious and subconscious mind.

Affirmations And Your Thought Patterns

Your conscious mind is your critical side. Without this part of the brain, it will be impossible for you to get things done. It is also where dreams and ideas are born. It sees things as they are, processes them, and allows the ego to decide if it can allow such ideas. It is not capable of focusing for long periods so it only has limited functions. On the other hand, your subconscious mind works like a computer by storing your life experiences in a network of neurons. However, it does not have the ability to identify what is real and what is not.

Imagine yourself telling both sides of your brain that you are earning $10,000 per hour even if you can only make $10 an hour. While the conscious mind will try bursting your bubble and telling you that what you are saying is not real, your subconscious mind can leave you believing that it is indeed true. Your subconscious does not have a concept of past and future so it tends to view everything as happening now. Now that you have a deeper understanding of the power of the mind, you will begin to realize that you can use affirmations to make your subconscious believe anything you want.

When using daily affirmations, the main problem you will run into is your stubborn conscious mind. The trick here is to bypass that conscious side and tap your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious thinks that whatever you tell yourself is real, it will help you create circumstances that can give you the exact results you want. This is why affirmations that are said with enough conviction can slowly break through the barrier of your conscious mind. Aside from re-programming your thoughts, they can also alter your reality in a powerful way.

You may feel uncomfortable during the first days of practicing your daily affirmation exercise. You might even feel as if you were lying to yourself. However, this is not actually the case. Keep in mind that you are trying to change your old set of beliefs so it is only natural to feel uncomfortable at first. Challenging things that you have always believed to be true can be a lot of hard work. However, each positive idea you embed into your subconscious will lead to certain effects that will keep expanding in the exact way you want.

Get Real Results With Powerful Affirmation Exercises

A highly effective affirmation exercise will make the most of assuring self-suggestions. These phrases or words can be written on note cards and put in a place where you can see them daily. They can also be recorded into a CD so that you can listen to them on a daily basis. All of these statements aim to do one thing – to remind you of all the positive aspects of your life while making you realize that there is still a lot of room for changing your negative thought patterns. Once you have created your own set of affirmations, you can finally practice them consistently.

If you choose to write your affirmations on index cards, you can read them daily and remind yourself of all your positive attributes and qualities. In this simple exercise, all you need to do is put the cards in places where you will notice them regularly. You can stick them to a mirror in your bathroom, tape them on your nightstand, or hang them on the dashboard of your car. Here are some powerful statements that you can use for this simple exercise.

“I accept this, I deserve this, I am worthy of this.”

“Abundance comes to me in all ways.”

“I have gotten though this in other lifetimes before.”

“I am capable enough to handle whatever life throws my way.”

“I am a divine being incarnate”

“I am a beautiful, talented, and intelligent person.”

“I am loving and forgiving of myself and others”

Whatever statements you wish to use for this affirmation exercise, you should always use strong adjectives such as capable, intelligent, creative, and bright. You can also use strong combinations of words and phrase them in a catchy way. Simple phrases such as stay calm, take things easy, work smart, and take action will greatly affect the way you behave to certain circumstances.

If you have ever wondered why some people are capable of achieving things they desire while others find it hard to realize their smallest desires, you have to remember one thing. The key to your success lies in your ability to use visualizations, images, and words of affirmations while re-programming your mind and the way you think. Back up all these things with small changes in your actions and you will soon see results that you never thought possible.

Pointers For Designing Affirmation Exercises

Before creating your daily affirmation exercise, it will be best to have a clear idea of what a positive affirmations sound like. Remember, you can only benefit from affirmations if you were able to word them correctly. When creating words of affirmation, you have to state them in present tense. Say them as if things were already as you imagined them to be. For example, it is better to say “I now have amazing prosperity and abundance” rather than “I will have amazing prosperity and abundance.”

When listing down your affirmations, it is also best to state what you want rather than what you do not want. The subconscious mind responds better to positive thoughts. Telling yourself that you are sexy, healthy, and energetic will always be better than feeling miserable about being fat and tired all the time To magnify the effect of these powerful words, you should also consider saying them aloud while standing in front of the mirror. This technique allows you to confront yourself as you try challenging false beliefs that you have held for a very long time.

You can also enhance your daily affirmation exercise by trying to sing them to yourself. Many classes and workshops suggest singing affirmations because it bypasses the conscious brain and gains access to the subconscious mind with greater ease. Another technique that you can use to overcome the resistance that your conscious mind presents is to use subliminal affirmations. Many workshops already use this method so you will not have any problem practicing them on your own.

Another thing you need to remember when practicing affirmation is that you do not really have to fix all your problems at once. In fact, you will have greater chances of succeeding if you were able to focus on one aspect of your life at a time. Remember, daily affirmations can slowly change your life because they change your thoughts. The more often you say them, the quicker they will start working. Aside from saying them with enthusiasm and confidence, you should also believe that whatever you are saying is actually happening as you speak.

Design A Dynamic Affirmation Exercise

While it is best to focus on one aspect of your life at a time, you can still design your daily affirmation exercise in a dynamic manner. You can do this by writing positive self-suggestions on separate index cards. For each day of the month, you can take one card at a day and recite what it has to say. This card will serve as your affirmation for the day so you can start again as soon as you get to the last card. You can also make this affirmation process grow by writing thirty different affirmations that you can use for each month of the year.

Keep all the cards in a box and use them year after year. Once you get bored of the self-suggestions you are using, you can also begin including new affirmations as you need them. Remember, a positive affirmation is essential to the use of the Law of Attraction. Do not hesitate to use any tool that helps you remember your daily affirmation. They might not be capable of addressing the areas of your life all at once but they can still give you the results you want if you have enough patience and determination to use them regularly.

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