Design Your Own Vision Board

Visualization is a technique that involves the need to find a quiet room, think of positive emotions, and enjoy a truly happy state. Only then can you start to visualize what you want to create. You will also start to feel it and see it as if it has already happened. Vision or goal boards are probably the most powerful tools you can use for this technique. A vision board acts as a pin board or a very large card that contains pictures of your designs and dreams. It needs to be fun, eye-catching, and specific.

For example, you can visualize your dream house by taking photos of a property you admire and posting them on your own vision board. If you want a new car, you should try to visualize what make and model you want to have. Take pictures of them and post them along with your dream house on your vision board. Remember, creating your own vision board is quite simple. You can easily do one by putting together a ton of magazine photos, online pictures, and motivational words that can keep you driving towards your long-term goals.

After designing your vision board and putting together pictures of things you fancy most, you can already look at it as often as you want. See every element of your goal board with focused intent and use this as your driving power when reciting your daily affirmations. Soon enough, you will be surprised as all the things in your vision board start showing up in your life. As long as you stay positive and focus your intention on earning them, you can slowly break through that ball of negative energy and turn your biggest dreams into reality.

Use Word Or Image Visualizations

Vision boards are not the only means of visualizing your life goals. You can also try using certain words and images. You can start by thinking of a single word that describes your ability and the things you want to accomplish in the future. Jot them down an index card. After getting into a deep, relaxed state, you should focus your eyes on that word. Hold that joyful thought for at least twenty minutes. Do the same exercise every night for at least two weeks? This technique burns the image of that goal word into your mind, embeds it deeply into your thoughts, and manifests itself in your actions.

On the other hand, image visualization will require you to find a clear image of a person or object that embodies the things you wish to accomplish as well as your main goal. Once you reach a deep, relaxed state, you can start looking at the picture or imagine yourself reaching your goal. Do this simple exercise for at least ten minutes daily for the entire month. Collect pictures that simulate your goal and put them in places where you can regularly see them. Keep that image etched into your mind until you have finally achieved your goal or the object you desire most.

Visualize Specific Scenarios

You can also strengthen the effect of self-suggestions with the use of scenario visualizations. After identifying your goals, you can start imagining a full-color movie of how your life will be once you have achieved everything you desire most. Get a tape recorder and talk about the whole movie you envisioned on tape. Use descriptive, uplifting, and positive words when describing the images, you saw. Use your imagination to the fullest when describing how you will handle the amazing change resulting from all the goals you attained. For added detail, try to describe how significant people in your life with successfully cope with your transformation.

Save the tape you recorded for future references. Write a short description of how things will be once you have reached your goals. Keep it for future reference. Every time you are in a relaxed state, preferably before you go to bed, you should listen to the tape you recorded and read the description of the scenario you have in mind. Do the same exercise every day for at least two weeks? As time goes on, you can refer to your voice recording as well as the script you wrote in order to find out if you managed to attain your goals.


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