Personal Affirmations For Attracting Wealth & Abundance Free Personal Affirmations For Attracting Wealth

Below is a great collection of effective affirmations that can help you attract money and other important forms of abundance into your life. Remember that all of these self-suggestions will work better once you have learned tuning in to the feelings of whatever thought you are trying to focus on. Be sure to recite each and every word with conviction and confidence. At first, reading them out loud might seem uncomfortable. As you go along your daily affirmation exercise, you will also start feeling the essence of your intent.

“I feel good about money so money will come.” “Today I enjoy great financial freedom.”

“I deserve to have abundance and plenty of money.”

“I feel my abundance growing daily.”

“Promising financial resources are lining up to me.”

“I release all my doubts and fears about money.”

“Starting now, I choose faith over worrying about financial problems.” “Money always comes at a perfect timing.”

“I feel perfectly comfortable about having a large sum of money.” “My inner guidance always leads me towards abundance.”

“I am extremely grateful for my ability to manifest money.” “Money comes to me in unexpected ways.” “Money flows to me with great ease.”

“Today is a perfectly joyful and abundant day.” “I am ready to let go and let money flow.”

“The universe always delivers everything I ask for.” “The universe gives me everything I want and need.”

All of these self-suggestions were carefully created according to the basic guidelines for creating strong affirmations. As long as you believe in their power to change the way you feel and the way you respond to certain events in your life, you will be surprised with the amazing results they can bring. Instead of reciting them for just a week or two, you have to incorporate them into your daily routine to create a new set of solid thought habits.



Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Writing Energetic Affirmations That Support Your Personal Development & Spiritual Growth

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