QUESTION: Your Trilogy Series of books, entitled The Power Vested in Me seems to incline that your Readers may get in touch with the Powers Vested within themselves. Although not a direct claim, is the intent of your book to help young readers relate and personally reflect positively though the teenagers who were given “Super Human” powers shortly after birth by a mysterious stranger?

ANSWER: In Book 1 we were introduced to the main characters, the five teenagers (the Stardust) and Starkey the mysterious stranger. That book gave readers an insight into time-travel and some of its consequences and also saw the Stardust get to grips with their powers and learn about each other and develop trust. Book 2 very much takes a massive step forward in terms of the bond between them and how their life experiences effect the choices they make. Starkey tells them right at the start if they misuse their powers they will be taken away from them.

QUESTION: Your books also use some conscious awareness terms, like Seekers. A Seeker being someone that is seeking truth in this lifetime. Again, although not a direct claim, would you say The Power Vested in Me Book 2 Part 1 The Seekers helps Readers connect to a more conscious interest with Seeking truth in whatever ways that apply in their own lives?

ANSWER: In both parts of book 2, ‘the Stardust’ as they are known are actually seeking an item. However, in reality that search leads them to a better understanding of themselves, each other and people in general. Their quest is ultimately about making them better people. Their journey through the Land of Nod is a journey of personal and spiritual awakening.

QUESTION: I would say a lot of Children are born or are more easily induced into their Spiritual Awakening Process and with that Magic and Mystery still hold their intrigue but, ideas of what’s possible is not so far-fetched as it used to be. Take the Mysterious Faith Healer in your book Madame Labbett. Although fantastical in ways, would you say this Character helps open Children up to questioning the possibilities of Alternative Healing?

ANSWER: People of all ages love mystery and magic. The question for book 1 was ‘who is Starkey?’ throughout the book hidden within the pages are numerous clues as to what it is all about. In book 1 they travel to 5 different periods of history- are these random or are they linked, that’s up to the readers to solve. In book 2 in the Land of Nod, the fantasy dreamscape they travel to in their dreams, they soon realize they are travelling through the zodiac (I am fascinated by the Zodiac) as they encounter mythological creatures and also Raven the witch. In real time we meet Mrs Lawson a fortune teller neighbor of one of the Stardust, is what she tells him significant. Also there is Mrs Smat, does the letters in the bible she leaves them hold a clue. Then there is Madame Labbett, how can she heal so many people of so many different afflictions. I think it’s important young people question things and that’s what I hope the PVIM trilogy will make them do.

QUESTION: To me, I see your books as indirectly geared towards promoting self-empowerment and aspects of spiritual awakening a child may otherwise be too young to comprehend or not be so precisely interested in otherwise. Would you agree that your trilogy makes a good choice for parents that are “Awake”, enjoy supernatural, superhuman media and want to Read to Children or promote their Children Reading books that interest them but also indirectly promote encouragement and ideas of self-awareness and possibilities they are otherwise programed against?

ANSWER: The books were aimed at young adults but have developed a reader base of all ages, the oldest person I know of is 85 and she couldn’t wait to get Book 2. It may sound strange but to a certain extent I feel I have been guided through the story, in fact Mrs Smat code came to me from a persistent ‘message from the grave.’ I can honestly say that I have had the most bizarre experiences whilst writing these books. I believe we all need to be open to things and question things and sometimes take a leap of faith in our lives. And that’s what the Stardust do in these books, they question, they act and very often they take a leap of faith. Starkey gives them very few answers, in fact his catch phrase is ‘all will be revealed in the fullness of time’. I would say the Power Vested in me trilogy definitely encourages children to have open and imaginative minds, but they are also aimed at people of all ages who don’t know everything and are open to life’s possibilities.

A. J. KING is the author of The Power Vested in Me Trilogy


is the author of

The Power Vested in Me Trilogy