Am I Psychic? Answer These Quick Questions & Find OutIn reality, all of the guidance you’re seeking is closer than you might imagine!

Developed and your unique skills are waiting to be investigated, and they can function as the best technique for living your best life. What exactly are these skills? You’ve probably heard the term clairvoyant – but there are actually four “clairs.”

Take this quiz to see which of the “clairs” you possess.

Try not to overthink your answer, it’s best to go along with your first reaction:

1) When I have free time, I enjoy losing myself in an excellent book.

2) I see colours, shapes, objects, or pictures after I shut my eyes.

3) I often receive replies to questions, flashes of clarity, or inspiration surprisingly, out of the blue.

4) I have already been proven to feel the presence of spirits or energy associated to an individual or location.

6) I make it a special point to stop and revel in the sunrise or sundown whenever I can!

7) I regularly speak with my pets, and believe they’re communicating back to me.

9) I sometimes possess a powerful psychological or physical reaction when I’m in a crowd.

11) I sometimes see flashes, images, and light out of the corner of my eye.

12) I find spending time with my pets healing.

13) I’m good at assessing and making sense of the motivation and behavior of others.

14) I occasionally get lost in daydreams through the day, and have excellent, clear dreams during the night.

15) My friends and family call me the “human lie detector” because I can tell when they have been telling the truth… and when they are not.

16) I sense physical injury or sickness in others and at times even feel their pain in my own body.

17) On more than one occasion, I’ve received telepathic info from other people

18) I typically describe things using graphic metaphors.

19) I sometimes experience a buzzing within my ears, or get a strange, blank sense of quietness.

20) I can tell what others are feeling without talking to them.

Scoring your answers.

Circle the numbers that you assessed in the key below, along making use of their corresponding letters. Do you have more or three answers correlated with any one letter? If so, it’s likely you’re gifted in that special “clair.” If you should be powerful in more than one area don’t be surprised!

1)C 2)V 3)C 4)S 5)A 6)V 7)A 8)C 9)S 10)A 11)V 12)S 13)C 14)V 15)C 16)S 17)A 18)V 19)A 20)S

Just how many statements did you check in each area? Every one of the letters is associated with a psychic gift that was distinct. Three or more in any one place means that you will be strong in that area.=

C – Claircognizant

V- Clairaudient

A- Clairvoyant

S – Clairsentient

Here’s what your answers reveal about your psychic abilities:

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

You clearly begin to see the previous, present, and future for yourself among others.

Most often, if you’re clairvoyant you’ll see these pictures in your mind.

Spirit’s messages are clearly heard by you and deliver more precise readings.

It is possible to hear messages and get psychic impressions – either audibly or inside the mind. With training you are able to learn to possess two-way dialogues with the Spirit individuals in your head

Clairsentience (clear feeling)

You definitely feel the energy of others— know exactly who to trust and.

Clairsentience is the empathic power to feel and sense the mental energy of individuals, animals, spirits, and locations around you. You happen to be sensitive to the feelings of others, and commonly will experience their emotions in your body and in your heart.

Claircognizance (clear understanding)

You certainly understand the appropriate decisions to make in your life.

The ability to ‘just understand’ information – which generally comes to you out of the blue! Sometimes this information may come in the type of facts and figures, other times, it comes in the form of simply a certainty assessing a relationship or situation or when creating a selection.

Every one of us has some mix of the above gifts, at varying levels of strengths, and we could decide to develop them at any given moment. I developed my new online course Opening Your Psychic Portals that will help YOU improve and to recognize the gifts which you were born with.