From Time To Time Even The Calmest Among Us Feel Anger…

angerWhether it be because of traffic, your partner keeps dirtying up the bathroom, or because you drove to the store to find out they just closed 5 minutes ago. No matter the reason we all get angry some times and need to have a good plan to calm down when it comes up. To find out the best way to tackle this problem we interviewed a spirituality consultant from India to find out the best way to deal with anger. The answer will be very surprising to most of us living in the west.


Health Dangers To Anger

Before we talk about how to deal with anger, I think it’s important to understand why it is important to deal with the anger in the first place. Recent studies have shown that anger is harmful to our health and wellbeing. A recent Yale University study shows that people who have anger issues tend to:

  • get sick more often
  • have weaker immune systems
  • stay sick for a longer period of time

The Journal of the National Medical Association also stated that people who respond negatively to anger are 9% more likely to have a heart attack. 9% may not sound like a lot but when you are dealing with something as serious as a heart attack, every percent point counts! Other studies have linked anger to everything from coronary disease to high blood pressure.

How To Manage Your Anger?

Below we have listed the 4 steps that spiritual gurus in the east use to manage and remove anger from their lives and the people around them.

1. Perform a simple breathing exercise. By taking a few minutes to perform a simple breathing exercise you start to calm down and feel more related. Start by slowing inhaling until your lungs are full, hold for a few seconds, then slowly exhale. Do this 5 – 10 times and you will notice yourself getting light headed from the excess oxygen. You will start to feel calmer and more relaxed.

How spirituality can help you in anger management

2. Write down the reason you are angry. Get a completely blank white piece of paper and write down in a sentence or two the reason you feel angry. If you have several reasons for being angry, you should write each reason on a separate piece of paper.

How spirituality can help you in anger management

3. Meditate quietly for 5 minutes. With the paper in front of you, close your eyes and sit quietly for 5 minutes. Clear your mind and focus on the darkness.

How spirituality can help you in anger management

4. Burn the paper outsideTake the paper you wrote the reason you are angry and find a good place outside where you can light the paper on fire. This will burn the anger away as the paper burns.

How spirituality can help you in anger management

Chances are writing down the reason you are angry and burning the paper outside is completely new and something you have never tried before. Next time you get angry, try this technique. It never hurts to try. Along with burning away your anger, using the breathing exercises and meditating also helps removing your anger.

This guest post has been crafted by Yog Anand, who is a skillful psychic as well as an astrologer, with pure intentions he seeks to help all in need. Apart from being a motivational speaker, he has been serving people in need of answers related to astrology, tarot reading, and psychic readings.