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Michelle Asked Holly Joy…

I just experienced my tv coming on and off by itself and strange noises right after watching a paranormal TV show. Is my house haunted with bad spirits or is this just my Grandmother and dog in spirit trying to tell me to stop watching these haunted location, ghost hunting, paranormal TV shows and if it is haunted how do I clear it?

Holly Joy Answers…

Hi Michelle,
I too have experienced many paranormal events.
As a pre-teen my TV would turn on and off, my chair rock back and fourth and at one time my feet were grabbed.
In my adult years this was witnessed as tweezers on the table started to move back and fourth, after my pet soul companion passed I could feel her nails on my thigh jumping up to be petted or held.
Strangely tonight I went to a known friendly haunted house, I surrounded myself with a white light of protection though intention and visualization but still felt the presence than, it felt like the back of my shirt was being fanned (I could feel something like air although it didn’t actually move) than, I heard keys clinking together.
The truth is that most people have stories like ours and i’m glad you feel comfortable sharing.
I would start by saying that when you think of your loved ones in spirit, your grandmother and dog – in that moment they are near but, I would want you to ask yourself if your grandmother was a believer in the paranormal, do you think she would show her presence though your TV, stove and strange noises to get your attention?
I would think she would manifest though a familiar smell, the feel of a hug or kiss or meet her in dream state first, than perhaps if you didn’t notice do other things to get your attention – if she was that type of person.
When we are open to paranormal shows, the idea of spirits and ghost or even subconsciously want to have an exprience than these types of things tend to follow however, if you are open and fearful than you might attract an entity that feeds on the energy of fear and you don’t want that so, if these shows scare you I would suggest that you either stop watching them or protect yourself like I described above first.
I don’t feel your house is haunted, I feel your grandmother and dog visit when you think of them. My impression is some part of you wants to have some minor paranormal exprience and thus, these things are being co-created by either your loved ones in spirit or other positive beings for your personal development and spiritual growth. Should you choose to clear your home your Grandmother and dog can still visit.
You Can Clear Yourself & Home In These Ways:

  1. Though intention & visualization.
  2. Burning Sage AKA Smudging
  3. Placing an egg in each corner of the house for one week than, barring them. – Eggs absorb residual or past energy.

Thank you for your question,
Answered by online psychic Holly Joy