Welcome to Across the Realms Psychic Talk Radio, I’m your host Holly Joy. Today we are here with Psychic Medium & Astrologer Stormie Grace of StormieGrace.com.

Holly Joy: Welcome Stormie.

Stormie Grace: Hello, hi. Thanks for having me, this is exciting.

Holly Joy: Of course. Thank you so much for coming. So, my understanding is that you are a life one medium.

Stormie Grace: Yes.

Holly Joy: Can you tell our listeners how you realized that you had psychic and mediumship abilities and how that led you to where you are today?

Stormie Grace: Honestly, it took a while to kind of realize that I had them. I just had them and I always see spirit move so it’s very much so from the time I was really little a part of my normal day in, that things that I was doing and it was not uncommon to be having a conversation with something that other people didn’t see so it didn’t actually occur to me that anything unusual was happening, you know. It was just a very connected situation and then when I was about nine my mom had lost something and just looked at me and said “do you know where it’s at?” and I asked what looked like pure ear to her and then said “well, they are over here” and that for me was kind of the moment where I was like “oh, you can’t do that” or “you don’t do that” or it was like fun revelation honestly.

Holly Joy: So, was it that your mom was asking you where might be because she knew that you’re having these experiences or she was just like maybe you knew where it was?

Stormie Grace: No. At this point my mom who, I came from a traditional Catholic family so it was kinda, you know, but we also had a lot Indian roots, lot of South American roots, lot of, you know, lots of roots with people who had psychic ability so she wasn’t completely shocked by it, but she also knew and I think in that moment what it occurred to me as that she was finally like really asking if you could do and see what I could do and see and so when we, you know, she was looking for her keys, so when we found the keys she was like “okay, like this is, this is happening” which is always interesting I think to be with someone who doesn’t tap into their sixth sense that way and you do.

Holly Joy: Right, I completely understand. I also grow up in a Christian home, so it was similar.

Stormie Grace: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It was really, really interesting, that was interesting I think for me growing up with the family that was European and Catholic as well and I can’t remember being in first grade, sitting at the table with this large last supper picture and saying “how’s that lady next to Jesus” and my family like aha, came over the table and they were like oh my gosh, you’re not looking at the same way we’re looking at it, you know.

Holly Joy: Right.

Stormie Grace: So it’s funny, funny moments like that, you know, that occurred to me that I was experiencing the world differently than some people were.

Holly Joy: Alright. So, now you don’t just give psychic medium ship readings but you also incorporate astrology which is one of your specialties so when it was that you took an interest in astrology?

Stormie Grace: Right away. I was also one of those things for me to and I didn’t for a long time, not into well, into being a teenager did I understand for me. I would just kinda look up at the stars and it was like re-meeting with family, you know what I mean, like, it was like oh. Yeah, I know those guys and I trust the information they have and just didn’t, some of these things honestly and I think it’s that way with people who just naturally trust that sixth sense. You just don’t question what’s happening in your world, you know and then when I got into being a teenager my parents had already done the very best they could to allow me to be part of the mental physical community ‘cause they’ve realized they were not perceiving world the way I was. So they wanted me to have some support and in that I was exposed to astrology and these other things and I just naturally picked up on and as a teenager as I started to really experience like I was like, oh I bet this has something to do with my forth house because I am a wrecked home, you know and I just kind of from exposure knew those things and believed I have always believed for me that astrology was true, it was just a true map. So, it was nice to put them both together and to have these guides that nobody else could see, unless they were also intuitive and can preside their presents and then with the whole snap shot of what was going on in the heavens at the time I came about or when another person came about and fuse it all together and go oh, I think this is how we do life this time.

Holly Joy: So, you and I, we are both tauruses but beyond that I really don’t know a whole lot about astrology, I mean feel that same connection with the stars but I haven’t really done the research and take into the same way that you have. So, on your site you offer birth natal chart, full birth chart and a compatibility chart? So, could you explain for me and our listeners what these different types of charts are used for and how they can help clients in their daily lives?

Stormie Grace: Yeah, absolutely and it just in the most basics sense like just like basic chart, and I do a basic chart and you can focus on the domain if you want, because there are a lot of people out there who, they honestly they don’t want to full chart, they don’t want to know about their houses, they’d like to understand just a little bit about what the different planets mean in reference to them. You know, they wanna know where their Venus is or they wanna ‘cause they’ve heard something. Right? So this chart is basically that, it is a snap shot of their… a snap shot of very small snap shot of their, what’s happening in sky and a brake down what those planets are and kind of what those characteristics mean and then if they wanna know how that affects them in the realm of money or love or business then I can kinda can dig in and look a little bit of that. So it’s more of a characteristic type of chart.

Holly Joy: And is that when you say one domain, one domain would be one characteristic?

Stormie Grace: It would just be not necessarily a characteristic but how the whole of those characteristics are affecting them in let say, you never loved domain if they’re wanting to know kind of where they’re going in that or what’s coming up for them. So, in its sense that’s my special that I add to that, because in its basic sense, just that basic chart it’s just gonna tell you your planet placements and that’s about it, but I just felt like well that’s for me that was a little bit lame. I wanted just give people a little something extra, you know and then when you’re looking, when I’m looking at a full chart for someone, that’s the full deal. You know, I’m looking at every house, I’m looking at every planet placement, I’m looking at conjunctions, I’m looking at all of the aspects, I’m looking at notes and I’m breaking all of these things down as to what they mean and what they’re showing us about this person, about what’s coming, about some things that they’ve been through in the past. Things that are coming for them in the future and I break down every domain. So it’s a very full probably more than one person every need in a lifetime kind of chart and it’s nice, I love doing those ones because now I also do them and will repair them with the thirty minute or sixty minute live conversation so that we can talk about it, ‘cause it’s so much, I’ve had had my chart for fifteen plus years and still reference and go oh my gosh look at that now, you know. So it’s a lot and it’s a big fact amazing chart.

Holly Joy: So, full birth chart would never change, you can have it for fifteen years all your life and reference to like you said.

Stormie Grace: Absolutely, the only thing that kind of makes shifts are if somebody is wanting to do more of a forecasting or they’re wanting to see where their current transits are and when I see transit current movement of the planets or current placement of the planets, so that they can be focused in specific as to a certain time and really if anybody picks up a magazine and they’re looking at it like a horoscope, that’s a difference between astrology and a horoscope. Astrology is studying an entire chart, the entire movement of the planets and the horoscope is looking at one specific time or one specific week or one specific year. You know, so it’s a very specialized in that sense, so if somebody was wanting to do a forecasting report, that’s when some things would shift just a little bit but the basics of the chart are gonna be the same.

Holly Joy: Okay, yeah and then so compatibility chart would be like say bring someone new into your life.

B: Yeah, absolutely and that, that branch of astrology is called synastry and it’s super exciting for me. I’m such a love bug so I actually started astrology doing just love scopes ‘cause I just want everybody to be happy and connected and make out, like I have my way. That’s what everybody would do, so you know getting to a chart with a person and look at not just where their Venuses and not just the shallowness of just the Sun sign as is this gonna work or what this could potentially be like. Looking at all of these different planet placements and how they match up in turns of helping people find that love partnership ‘cause there are a lot of partnerships out there that even came from astrology base stuff but they weren’t looking at the full connectivnes of it. So it’s not a love partnership, it’s just a compatible partnership and that is different.

Holly Joy: Yes.

Stormie Grace: Yeah.

Holly Joy: And, so when you give these types of readings what is it that a client needs to provide?

Stormie Grace: Well, the very, you know, the most important thing, the very first thing I need is, it’s called sacred birth info so that would be their birthday, their exact birth time which is, it’s just critical. It can be done without but it is not half as accurate as well as their exact place of birth, whether that be their city, state or if they’re in United States or city or country if they’re outside and then we roll from there.

Holly Joy: Okay.

Stormie Grace: Yeah.

Holly Joy: Thank you.

Stormie Grace: Absolutely.

Holly Joy: So, I know that on social media you write regularly and you have large archive of informative content.

Stormie Grace: Yes.

Holly Joy: Anyway, a series of Youtube videos on your Stormie Grace channel and those as well posted on Facebook with some other things. So, can you tell us a little bit about what it is that you’re providing your followers?

Stormie Grace: Yeah, absolutely. The number one thing that I wanted to do when I finally really found my feed in social media was to create a space where there was stable content, where anybody, any faze of their development with astrology could come in and just get the information who literally, I started my series from the ground up- what are your Sun signs. What are the houses, what they mean, what are the planets, what are the elements, what are the qualities who you literally are getting an entire astrology lesson for free. At your very finger tips, wherever you feel like learning on my channel as well as, you know, some other things in, ‘cause they do have some very advanced astrology people who pop in and wanna start to discuss more advanced things like if you were born on a certain day but you were predicted to be born on a different date. Does that change your astrology, you know, so we can to getting to more of these things and it’s well, I just have some stuff on there that’s just fun and getting ready to do a whole seduction series and it’s informative and realistic but also really, really fun.

Holly Joy: Sounds fun.

Stormie Grace: You know, so, yeah, it’s just I wanted to just create a place where people could come at any level and learn and have fun while they’re learning and not be bored to death. I mean, I have, I love most astrologers but I’ve been to a couple and I’m like, oh my God, is your report for July over yet? Like this is the longest report ever. You know what I mean?

Holly Joy: Yeah.

Stormie Grace: And if you’re doing your report and you’re not exciting to watch and you’re not excited about what you’re talking about. I didn’t want people come to my channel ever and think that.

Holly Joy: Alright.

Stormie Grace: So, yeah.

Holly Joy: I’d say, I mean for what I’ve seen, I think you’ve accomplished, that looks very fun and informative and beneficial.

Stormie Grace: Yeah, that’s, you know and that’s like, that’s the root of it, like I think I have my own natural way about me and I think it comes out in my videos but I want the information to be quality and that’s actually one video I just put up talking about that I wanted that. So for myself and not every astrologer does it, I’m actually going through some challenge testing right now and become certified astrologer with some of the bigger astrology minds out there and eventually the truth of it is that astrology, you eventually have to be certified. You know, that’s the way that it goes but I wanted at this point to offer that to people too, to say “here’s what I’m saying, here’s what I’m offering to you, it’s valid, you can take it and you can go ask this whole larger body of people who know what the hack they’re doing if I’m a crazy person”.

Holly Joy: Well certainly sounds like a complex subject to take that all in, if anyone was, you know, I would say point to be really great person to not only have certified what are we providing that information, I feel like that would be you. You have such a great vibe, to you.

Stormie Grace: Thank you. I think that’s like, it was more of that to, I knew right away in just in that kind of medium and intuitive part. I’ve always been a joy guide, I have always, that’s my deal that I was never confused about that. So, bringing that to something else in my life feels amazing, amazing.

Holly Joy: So, you’ve kinda touched on this little bit earlier about how you bring astrology into your life personally so I guess maybe could you explain how someone like you or someone would look at their astrology and then bring that into their life’s situation personally.

Stormie Grace: Yeah, absolutely. For me personally the one thing that I keep in mind is that astrology while I love the truth that it shows, it’s us who are tool. You know, for me I have to have my own personal to me, connection with that divine energy and I can allowed to guide me that I can check in with and I can allowed to support me while I grow because something’s growing is quite a fearful activity, you know, so that’s the base for me that I have to have conscious contact with that thing that’s bigger and then astrology gets useful. It’s not ever the other way around for me so once I had really kind of coming to that own personal relationship for myself and I then I started looking in my chart again, you know, I’ve told you I had my chart for fifteen plus years and on the other side of kind of re-connecting with that, opening my chart and going “well yeah, absolutely, this is why, you know, all of these seven house issues of partnerships, this is why I engraded them because look at this conjunction with Mercury, I’m a great communicator. Oh, this is why could really never survive in the nine to five job because I am so demeaning this respect that there was no way I was going to sit still and just into data, it wasn’t gonna happen”. You know and getting to look at those type of things and it’s nice to with other people walk with them and show them different parts of their astrology and their chart as well too and explain some things and what’s really incredible when I sit with somebody and I will touch on something and I say “so this is probably what happened when you were younger according to your forth house, you probably lost your parents, very, very early and were raised by other people and to see them connect and go she doesn’t know me how did she know that”. You know and also to do it in a space with another person in their life where it’s okay, it’s not a judgment on my part, we’re just walking through the abidance, that’s all. So, it’s really cool to me to see how it can be a useful tool to kind of unwind some of this karmic debt that we’re paying back some of the karmic work we’re working on and to prepare ourselves for karmic work on its way, I think so. That’s kind of a goes for me.

Holly Joy: So how’s that you, I guess how would you incorporate because you’re also a psychic and you’re also a medium, so was it, how is that you incorporate astrology into a readiness that you do? One of the other, you could combinations of both and how does that work for a client?

Stormie Grace: It works, it works as an all in one, as soon as I start to look at a chart the basics information of astrology and pseudo science that it is, appears. Because they’re just patterns and patterns and patterns and astrology and then from there, you know, the person was there I would really like to focus on a love domain and I’m like alright, let’s go pick this out and we’re look at this and then something would come through and say “actually she really needs to focus on her teaching career because that’s what’s important”. So we kind a get to take a re-round a little bit, you know I will always touch them with a client ask me about and then say “this is the side coming through for me as well, can you touch on that?” ‘cause that’s what seems to be important, you know, so it’s amazing and it’s always amazing how shows up when I pull a chart. You know, the spirit realm, it’s much like in my experience, it’s much like this realm, you know, they can choose to interact with us or not, sometimes they want you, sometimes they don’t. You know but it is funny, I have not ever pulled a chart and not had someone show up and have something to say, so it’s just really interesting the way it does come together and I think for me, honestly that was a great fear I had when I made my first couple Youtube videos ‘cause I’m like oh my Gosh, this is just, I’m just gonna say some astrology stuff and then immediately didn’t worked that way. So, it’s a mess.

Holly Joy: It’s very intriguing one.

Stormie Grace: Yeah, trust me, like I’m in here and I’m like oh, how does this work, but it’s kind of like “well it’s not broke so I’m not gonna brake it”, you know.

Holly Joy: Alright. I saw your website, you talk about, you’ve informing and reforming your connection to the divine and I was curious could you explain what you mean by that?

Stormie Grace: Yeah, absolutely. I work with clients of all ages, all sixth sensory developments and what I find many, many times is that my younger clients are just in the flow. They’re just in the flow, they’re just doing life, they feel it so they go towards it, you know what I mean. They have this trust in this faith that is unquestioning and they just move so they are who I would consider formed and I also work with people. I have several clients who are on the other side of addictions or are on the other side of some type of recovery who would have to walk through that time of reforming, reconnecting with a power greater then themselves. It’s personal to them that they can hear and start to re-form that sixth sensory living connection. So that’s what I mean and then you know, I do meet people plenty of times who are establishing intuitive and they are connected but they have to shift a little so that they can (?) here and we all have to do that. So in that, that’s what I mean by forming and re-forming this connection, ‘cause I know for myself, you know, it was like I turned thirty-two and I was like, wow, hold on a minutes now. My thighs are different and so is my intuitive hearing, I need a minute, you know, so it was, it’s interesting the way the forming and reforming comes but it’s all for me in the end about helping a person have that divine connection so that they can use the tools around them to maximize that energy.

Holly Joy: Yes, beautiful. I love it.

Stormie Grace: I just got chills, I love it.

Holly Joy: So I also read that you have a PHD in metaphysical science.

Stormie Grace: I am working on my PHD and I’m also working on my doctorate of management. You know who knew I was actually good at business, I had no idea that I was actually really, really good at business and so in the path actually of finishing my master’s degree and kind of just going oh my Gosh, ‘cause I actually have two masters degrees and the first one I did straight out a collage. You know, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grow up and I was a dance in language major, I mean I’ve been a hippie the whole time and so I just thought well, you do the next thing in school, right and so I did that and it was a straight program where I was just a good student and I made it to the end and I can tell you that maybe somewhere in a record I won’t retain what I learned there ‘cause I can’t tell you and then in a state of more preparedness and maturity I went into a different master’s program and fused together the metaphysical knowledge with business knowledge and started focusing on how to heal business and change them in the psychic realm first and then bring it in physical and that’s where that came from and it turned out I was really good at that and so I decided now to pursue my business and do the same thing to put them both together, but then I was thinking to myself “why wouldn’t I also do a PHD in metaphysical science, why would I just go for business?”. You know, it just, it didn’t feel full and complete without pursuing them both, since I was putting them both together.

Holly Joy: So I feel like a lot of people now are being called to not only do some area of light working but also like you’re doing, also pursuing the business and so that they can help more people in their business bring in the energy that’s gonna make them successful.

Stormie Grace: Yeah, absolutely, I agree, I feel like there has been just a whole conscience awakening that has happened and I have, I have two children myself, one is twelve and one is eight and I can tell you- they are awake and they are aware and it’s not just because they’re children because the generation, you know what I mean. They are a part of how does this help the whole, you know, so I feel like, it’s kind of having that trickling down effect that everybody starting to wake up and it’s like “oh, we are not gonna be able to do business, we don’t have some spiritual principles in here”. You know, ‘cause regular business, it’s just doesn’t work anymore and that’s what I think that in myself I encountered it there, going through just that first master’s degree program where I was like I get, like these are some business principles. I have no real clue how I would probably ever use these, you know, because they just didn’t make sense, they were just two five sensory for me and when I would apply sixth sensory approach to things at that time, it just didn’t work and now, you know, I do have a lot of Areas fire and I just said “forget it, I’m gonna make my way and I found more than acceptance in almost every business I got into in other people that I talked to or doing business” and even business owners who are still very five sensory, you know, will go in and say something like you know, “have you considered why are your employees are so tired, you mean, look at the placement of their desks and this office and they would kinda go oh is that weird or is that bad?”. You know, like they don’t know but they’re willing to have a different experience and I think jut that awakening that’s kind of happening. So, it’s amazing, it’s a perfect timing, (?) you know and that’s another area too on my website and that’ll be up here shortly but I do business consultations and I (?) helping fix your business on astrology and spiritual principles. I will come in and pull your business’s chart, ‘cause business’s just like people- have a chart, have a sensive energy, a snap shot of energy that’s happening for them, so then it’s answer more, more questions, you know, when is the right time to launch this project. When is the energy maximize two changed locations. Is this a good location to build my next business? Great things like that based out of all those space we can’t really see, right?

Holly Joy: Yeah. I think it’s a really great work, I applaud for that.

Stormie Grace: Thank you, it’s really interesting work, it is, I have been a radio DJ for a decade, loved it, loved people, loved music, that’s my deal. I never thought I would be sitting here talking about how helping business with astrology, no. So, it’s definitely been a joy, but I can tell you too and your listeners that well into my twenties I’ve always been a psychic medium and my family knew and my friends knew but in a bigger world sense I just was not prepared to take that on. It was honestly out of the heart break up, a break up that I was literally sitting in my room when I thinking why and either going to cry my life away or I am going to turn on that camera and make a Youtube video that I think everybody on the planet gonna hate and see what happens and that was it and that was the moment that I grabbed my intuitive ability, abilities to the world and everything caught fire from there.

Holly Joy: Just show us how things, you know, might seem to be negative but you know in the end they’ve proved to be beneficial.

Stormie Grace: Absolutely.

Holly Joy: Sick together.

Stormie Grace: Absolutely and that is, you know, a piece of one of the books that I’m writing is a testament to that that it’s just action. Sometimes we just as human beings were stubborn and we just have to take an action contrary to our own believes and let the magic unfold. You know and then and then when we do that, we’re in the flow and it’s like oh my Gosh, can you believe I was not gonna do this, you know it’s amazing.

Holly Joy: So, I wanted to ask you, being a psychic medium, what is that you’ve found most surprising about people or do you have a favorite client story to share.

Stormie Grace: I think, well this goes, this goes really too, too ways I think. One think that always surprises me about people is sometimes if they haven’t had a reading or something like that and they’re just, they’re unsure, kind of a what to expect is that they’ll come and they’ll sit in front me and wait for me to tell them their whole life and I’m like “no”. This is a bit more interactive then that, you know, I say, explaining to people so kinda even what the expectation is or the classic thought what the psychic medium is and the fact that that is very different from person to person, you know. I have friends who are highly intuitive but they only hear, they don’t see, you know, it’s a getting to, so it’s a, that surprise me about people all the time and because, you know, most of people I run with are intuitive so we kind of get how it works, so then, you know, I sit with the normal person and I’m like moo- oh- yeah. Like you don’t, you don’t know that I don’t see your dead uncle Sam and I’m gonna tell you your whole life. So that’s one of those things that always surprises me and I think the other thing that tends to still surprise me in a compassionate way about people is the fear of telling the truth, the fear of saying that one thing they don’t wanna say that they plan on taking to the grave because they’re afraid of never being excepted, you know. That is still one thing that surprises me ‘cause I can tell you I’ve started several sessions where they finally just say it and freedom washes over them and that’s the magic of the truth, so it does still surprise me. I don’t think that it should but it does still and so it’s kinda nice moment after they say it and they get to like encounter joy and the freedom for the first time where they’re like “oh, did you know all of this was over here?” and it’s like “yes”. Thank you for coming from a delusion island, welcome.

Holly Joy: So, I know that you offer readings through e-mail, phone and skype and that you also provide video readings where you record the reading and then provided as a video to a client. So, besides the ways that you’ll give readings, what kind of client expects from you?

Stormie Grace: Well, the number one thing that they can absolutely expect from me is that we’re gonna have an honest conversation, you know, I don’t pull of a people’s charts and sometimes when I do a reading, people don’t want charts at all they want to lean more towards the intuitive and often times people don’t even want that, they just wanna talk to somebody who’s not a part of their life, who can be a neutral party and share a thought and then all of these cases, we’re gonna talk about the truth. We’re gonna get to the truth, what is it that you’re doing that cause chaos in your own life, what’s happening there, you know and when I pull somebody’s chart, sometimes it’s very, very obvious to me what they’re doing. You know, it mean, what needs to be shifted and adjusted but we’re gonna talk about that, I’m not gonna pull your chart and tell you, you know, this is God’s gift to charting. Thank you for being here, like we’re not gonna do that, but it’s also done in a way that there is a lot of love, my clients can always expect love from me. It is that, it’s not tough love either it’s just honest love. We’re here to talk about the truth how you can make these changes so that you can maximize energy for your soul level journey that you’re here to do. You know, we’re gonna be clear on the fact that yes, oh, man, I love them but sometimes I just, I don’t get it, I’m a complete Venetian but there’s work to do, so that we can interact with those people. You know and that is one thing they can expect and I think the other thing that they can always expect with me is to laugh, we laugh and we laugh and we laugh and we cry and then usually and then we get back to laughing because I think that there is healing in laughter and I don’t know other way. So, that’s when I, you know, of course, some of the standard basics, you know, you’re gonna get good customer service, you know, there’s a problem we’re going to resolve it. Things like that, there is a quality of just flat line business in there, that would be handled appropriately.

Holly Joy: I think that everyone watching can get a good feeling for your energy and understand, yes laughing is most likely and that they’ll feel a lot of love.

Stormie Grace: I hope so, I hope so ‘cause I think it’s hard to honestly do the soul level work if you feel like you’re not gonna be accepted, you know, if you don’t feel like you can actually say the things that are holding you down and holding you back and these delusional thoughts that seem real at the time if you can’t say those in a space of love, you’re not gonna say ‘em and I am just very clear that in this position, I’m here to help with soul level work and let it help me back. So we’ve got to create a safe space.

Holly Joy: So for those who’d like to get a radio with you how are they go about booking?

Stormie Grace: They can had over to stormiegrace.com which has been a trip and an excitement little thing an itself because this is my first time in my life I am building my own website, I am building my own brand, I am building all of this on my own so, you know, if you click a link and it takes you back to the homepage sorry, but the appointment page works. It’s a working progress but they can definitely book right there, enjoying the other articles on there as well and just kind of start to interact and you know. It sometimes takes people a while so I want people to know that to come to my page and then say “Okay, I’m ready to book” and that’s totally okay there, so much content available which mean there on the Youtube that get right. If I’m the right person to sit and read with you, you will come and if I’m not, you’ll naturally grab a (?) away and that’s okay too.

Holly Joy: Yes. I appreciate you being here with us tonight and I want to thank you and again your web site is stormiegrace.com.

Stormie Grace: Absolutely, thank you so much.

Holly Joy: Right.