Attune Your Intuition And Psychic Powers

Psychics can see circumstances, possibilities and probabilities of a future. That being said, I believe future outcomes are not carved in stone—there is free will and karma.

Never underestimate the ability of prayer, positive affirmations and positive thoughts. To develop your psychic means you should allow yourself to be open to how they form a picture, feelings as well as thoughts, visions. Feeling, perceiving, instinct, feeling, knowing and clairvoyance are all forms of spirit guidance. They are balance and what can attune you to discover your spiritual center. These ideas, feelings, emotions and visions illuminate your soul to guide and empower one to find your higher power.

How can you attune yourself to this frequency?
1. Tune outside distractions—blockages, negativity—so you can connect to your spiritual source.
2. Pay attention to synchronicities and “coincidences.”
3. Notice how your physical body feels in the thought or mention of a certain scenario, place, or man. Do you find yourself tensing, nervous, stressed, or are you filled with happiness, peace and joy?

“What lies behind you, and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Everyone has some psychic potential that is normal. Improve, develop, refine and to hone in it takes patience, time, perseverance and faith in yourself. Anyone get sound from the instrument and can touch a couple of piano keys. With lessons and training you will have the ability to play a straightforward tune.

How will you be able to tune into your deepest amount of intuition?
1. Calm and center your head, clear it and be open to spirit.
2. Filter out judgments made solely on the conditioned and visual responses.
3. Follow your gut. The head can lead us in the logical direction, the heart in the illogical course, but the intestine will almost always lead us in the proper path.

Practice makes perfect.
Guess which elevator door will open first or which market line will transfer the quickest. Along with your back “feel” what color clothes the newscaster is wearing. Place your palm above a magazine page and “ feel” what will probably be the predominate color on the next page.

Clearing them using a chakra cleansing exercise will enable you to be more open to The Divine Source and nature, where info can be accessed by you.