Should I try and attend the Ayahuasca Ceremony next weekend in Houston or go to the one in Florida on May 6th?

Should I Attend The Ayahuasca Ceremony During Mercury Retrograde? ANSWER:

The day before you ordered I was thinking about Ayahuasca, mainly about the limited spiritual “drugs” available here and what it mean for the many on us that’d like to experience this ceremony being able to more easily so, I’ve very glad to hear these locations are becoming more available and that you are going to partake.

Just as a friend though, I would ask that before you attend you make sure your satisfied with the amount of research you’ve done and the information available, including reviews in regards to these locations. I’d want to know how long or how many times these ceremonies have been conducted, who the Shaman is, if he partook in the indigenous ceremony overseas, if there are any videos online that’d let you get a better idea of who he is and what he’s like and how many people can be expected to be there with you, as this is an intimate ritual. If there are many people, I’d want to know if several Shamans or guides will be available if I need one. Also, if I’d be indoors, outdoors or someplace in-between; personally I’d prefer to be comfortable but enough in nature to see it and ideally feel some elements.

Beforehand we discussed the ideas of fear and anticipation. If it comes down to it and your gut or energy systems are saying “no” I would ask that you honor that and wait because there is no rush. But, I expect the fear of anticipation in which case you can take comfort in knowing this experience will serve you.

Lastly, I’d suggest you ask whoever you call upon to step forward in advance (Saint Raphael is the Archangel of healers, healing and clear sight so he’d be a good one to stand behind you, if your so inclined) and ask they assist you in being prepared physically, emotionally and mentally along with fulfilling your stated intentions.

As to your question, my feeling is although the locations hold different energy socially but, the coming together of people from all over will balance that out so, as long as you’re comfortable with the location, I have no objections between the two. Although, my feeling is Florida would have a lighter, more free flowing and less constrained atmosphere from the start.

I know your excited to do this but, next weekend feels a little soon to me meaning, I feel you would benefit from the extra week of preparations.

Lastly, I normally don’t put much thought into Astrology but the idea of Mercury Retrogrades influence until May 3rd comes-up as something to consider. I interpret this as another reason to consider waiting until May 6th.  

Love to you, Holly Joy