Ask Holly JoyHi Holly,

As a christian woman and avid bible versus reader I have consulted psychics, mediums and myself feel intuitive but due to my strict religious upbringing I question is this is acceptable, there are a ton of bible versus online filled with obvious hate written in a way that seems one sided and biased with negative condensations of evil, the devil and the like but with myself and so many others tapping into their intuition its becoming easier to accept that inner knowing is more natural and honest. I know you grew-up Christian yourself so my question is: Do you think the bible supports or opposes psychics and spiritual work?

Blessings, Val


Thank you for your question Val. It is true I was influenced by my deeply religious mother growing-up but Christianity never resonated with me, even as a child; my mother can’t comprehend how a baptized child belief systems can be other then they were assumed to be ascribed years and years ago.

To please her I attend church on occasion and the last time I went with her to Sunday School everyone was asked to turn to a bible verse, read it out load and say what it meant to them. What I noticed was that no two books had the same text and everyones interpretation of the words was different which in turn started a heated debate between those in attendance…

This debate followed us back to her house as her and her husband spent the morning trying to prove their bible verse was right by pointing to other bible versus to support their claims.

When he left the room I said “it is pointless to try and convince someone else to change their beliefs, just like you aren’t open to questioning your own”. Ultimately, that is my stance.
I noted the Sunday School event pointing out no two people in the same church had the exact same translations, there are many different versions of the Bible, thousands have been transcribed, rewritten and re-interpreted.

If I was going to read a Bible I would read Diamond New Testament created by Jeffrey Daugherty as the first edition of New Testament ever published in chronological order, transcribed from latin and composed using the literal words of that time – no substitutions, no misleading, no two similar books that leave enough room to create drama.

I’m sure if you turn to the following versus in your bible now, the words will be written in another way and can be interpreted in may ways but because you asked I have provided the following spiritual, psychic bible versus and my positive conclusions from them…

The Holy Bible 1 Cor 12:7 says:
“The manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal”.

One interpretation might be that everyone can benefit from spiritual gifts if they have faith in spirituality and are open to the spiritual things.

1 Cor 2:14 says:
“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to them unto him and neither can he know them”.

Possibly meaning that the group of people that can’t be benefited is classified as the natural man in our Holy Bible. This may be referring to those who consider and see spiritual things and beliefs as foolishness. Because they are not open to the idea, they are not able to receive benefit from them.