I Look Forward To Meeting You!

Simply click a service image to view my availability in your timezone. Your selected booking day and time reflects when we will meet live or your online service will be delivered by email. Your booking confirmation will include my personal email but you can expect to hear from me shortly. If you need any assistance please write Holly@ATRpsychics.com

In-Person Readings

I offer same day appointments in my Traverse City office and offer travel to you options throughout Michigan. I also enjoy giving Readings at gatherings and events. Feel free to call, text or email me personally and meet in as little as a half-hour.

Email Readings

Get all the answers you need delivered quickly to your inbox with a typed Email Reading tailored to you and easy to understand with honest direction and the exact clarity being sought passed to you by Holly Joy.

Phone Readings

Book a Psychic Phone Reading with Holly Joy and get more than simply predictions; become empowered though knowing your ideal life path, feel your support in Spirt though channeled messages and gain the understanding required to make important decisions affecting your future.

Tarot Readings

Receive a photo of your energetically divined spread; along with a detailed Reading showcasing your cards and the direct guidance and answers required at this time.

Spiritual Counseling

Sessions are designed to assist you in understanding what has been going on in your life on a spiritual level and ways to approach it that the modern day world does not. Together we will work together to bring you back to a place of peace as quickly and easily as possible by getting the answers and finding the clarity you’ve been looking for.

Energy Clearing

I can clear and transmute negative, residual, and paranormal energy from your person or space and fill the area with positive blessings. In addition, I seal in that positive energy with the help of Angels and Incantations, so you can feel the difference immediately.