Below are services offered with Reader availability displayed in your timezone. Your selected booking day and time reflects when you will meet your Reader live or when your online service will be delivered by email. After your appointment is confirmed, instructions will be sent to you. If you need any assistance please email [email protected] 

In-Person Readings

Clients who have had their questions answered via my Online Psychic Readings have done so from the comfort of their own home and at the convenience of their own schedules. The same applies for my local friends and neighbors in Northern Michigan, with the added benefit of a closer personal connection and a more comfortable setting in-office, your home or business.

Email Readings

Get all the answers you need delivered quickly to your inbox with a typed Email Reading tailored to you and easy to understand with honest direction and the exact clarity being sought passed to you by Holly Joy.

Phone Readings

Book a Psychic Phone Reading with Holly Joy and get more than simply predictions; become empowered though knowing your ideal life path, feel your support in Spirt though channeled messages and gain the understanding required to make important decisions affecting your future.

Tarot Readings

Receive a photo of your energetically divined spread; along with a detailed Reading showcasing your cards and the direct guidance and answers required at this time.

Lenormand Readings

A Spiritual connection to Marie Anne Lenormand drew Syd Sky to this rare and complex art and calling to help you gain insights into the people and circumstances surrounding you. though the Cards your story will be revealed and show you what actions will lead you to a desired outcome.

Mentoring & Advice

Sessions are designed to assist you in understanding what has been going on in your life on a spiritual level and ways to approach it that the modern day world does not. Together we will work together to bring you back to a place of peace as quickly and easily as possible by getting the answers and finding the clarity you’ve been looking for.

Distant Healing

Distant healing is an advanced form of energy healing and is generally performed by Reiki Masters like Syd Sky for different issues that you may be dealing with to make attunments though an energetic connection.

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