In the past over seventy years, there has been a neuro-scientific technology that has been on the rise. The increase in its application could be attributed to its success in the medical-scientific field re-discovering what the ancients knew, that we as energy beings respond to frequency and it can be composed and used as a healing modality among other uses.  

During the first two years on my path of  self awareness, personal development and spiritual growth I spent all night, every night listening too guided meditations, healing cds and mps including audio known as Brainwave Entrainment. I often wondered if the free Youtube offerings were just as good as the paid ones, upon doing some research I came across this beautiful website known as The Unexplainable Store specializing in Audio Brainwave Stimulation and Crystals.     

brainwave entertainment

The Unexplainable Store had a lot of offering than but has even more now, I downloaded the ESP/Psychic MP3 and could tell by hearing it that the audio quality was much more easy to listen too and fine tuned than what I was using though Youtube. After hearing that I installed their Mobile App and used it to listen too samples, download the MP3s I wanted and make and playlist that suited my needs.

As Psychic I found Brainwave Entrainment helpful but as a newbie understanding the terminology, different techniques and application was an important aspect thus, i’m going to break down simply for my readers that might be interested in seeing how the modality of Brainwave Entrainment can enhance…

ESP and Psychic Ability including other areas like:

So, What Exactly Is Brainwave Entertainment?

Brainwave Entrainment is the process that harmonizes natural brainwaves to that of an outward stimulus frequency. It is ordinarily auditory and or photographic in nature. When the brain synchronises, it duplicates the frequency of the stimuli, producing an alteration in the electrical action in the brain. Every single electrical response produces a different brainwave frequency. Each distinct brainwave frequency has a definite pattern and can be designed to bring a definite state of consciousness.

Brainwave Entrainment is a phenomenon where the brain has the tendency to change its prevailing EEG frequency to match the frequency of the dominant outside stimuli that is applied to the brain. It is a technology that is used to reprogram the mind. It can be used for meditation, focus, inducing sleep, relaxation or reprogramming the mind to think positive thoughts.

Entertainment uses the principle of frequency following response to interfere with the brainwave patterns. The brain entrains the motor reactions to auditory rhythm which are stable and steady, harmonizing states that are below and above the conscious perceptions thresholds.

Different Techniques Of Brainwave Entrainment…


Isochronic Tones

This is the strongest and most efficient form of Brainwave Entrainment that utilizes pulsing tone to harmonizes the brain to a certain desired frequency. This process is somewhat automatic and does not require any focus or effort from the user. The brain follows certain distinctive sharp tones which are introduced in the brain of the user. This causes a very strong entertainment. The tones cause the brain to formulate new neural networks. Therefore this procedure can be used for mild relaxation, cognitive enhancement, and high level stimulation. This form of Brainwave Entrainment effects are quick and permanent.

Binaural Beats

With this form of entertainment, one type of frequency is played in one ear and a slightly different frequency in the other year. Since each ear is connected to the opposite sides of the brain, when each receives different sound frequencies, it tries to compensate by forming a third beat which really does not exist in a person’s brain. This causes both hemispheres of the brain to entrain at a similar frequency. It would typically take 8 to 10 minutes to start entraining. Binaural beats do not entrain the thalamus. Therefore why the Brainwave Entrainment is effective is because of the dissociation, which makes the suitable for meditative states that alters the subconscious messages as well as pains.

Brainwave is efficient in stimulating brainwave flexibility and get into various states of consciousness.