Today we have with us a medical marijuana patient, private consultant, cannabis grower as well as an ordained reverend and Dr. Dr Ash is here to talk to us about the wide variety of ways that new medical marijuana patents and growers can do things right the first time around.
 Welcome _Dr. Ash___ and for people that want to check-out your website right now while listening they can visit CanadianCannabisConsultingServices.ca

 To start, can you tell me about Health Canadas Medical Marijuana program, what it is, why residents thinking about enrolling should, reasons they may be hesitant and how you help people though the process?

Health Canada has had a medical marijuana program in effect since 2001. This program has undergone many changes over the years and is now known as the ACMPR Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. Under health Canadas system, patients with qualifying conditions can apply for a license to possess cannabis for that medical purpose. Also, if they meet certain requirements set out by health Canada, which people can find the forms on my website they will be able to grow their own medicine from themselves. Again, they must meet the conditions set out by health Canada first. Canada is going to legalize cannabis they said come July 2018, but some reports suggest it may be the following year in 2019. With that legalization every household in Canada will be able to produce five plants for themselves now that is not per person, that is per household. Whereas medical patients under the ACMPR system right now are allowed per gram prescribed to them from their physician, is equal five plants they can grow. For example, if a patient is given a prescription of 3 grams a day, that would allow them to be able to produce 15 plants roughly, instead of the five set out with legalization for the whole household.

With the advances in cannabis research happening throughout the world we are no longer living in a time where we can say cannabis has no medical benefits, to say so is completely wrong, because on a DNA molecular level we have what we call an Endocannabinoid system.  The system is composed of two different receptors the CB1 receptor and the CB2 receptor. Each receptor is in different parts of the body and is responsible for different things. Each Receptor is activated by a different component of cannabis. CB1 receptors for instance is located mainly the brain (hippocampus, the nerve cluster at the base of the spine, mitochondria as well as some of the nerve endings.) It is important to note that the way cannabis works, because of the nerve clusters at the base of the spine cannabis use never depresses our respiration rate, therefore it cannot stop your breathing leading to an overdose. Infact to reach a toxic level of cannabis consumption we would have to ingest 1500 pounds of cannabis in a 15-minute time span, and for those who are unfamiliar with sizes and weights, let me just tell you it is quite impossible to achieve this. Hence why in the history of millions of years of this plant being on the earth, we have never had a casualty from use of it.

Now if you take somebody with Meniere’s disease or vertigo as an example of how the CB one receptor works. On the auditory nerve from the brain to the eardrum there’s an Endocannabinoid receptor on that pathway. By activating the receptor, it can allow a neurotransmission to bridge that gap and therefore open the pathway, allowing the dizziness and nausea symptoms to dissipate by allowing the channel of fluid to drain.  With age, time, and damage our bodies go through daily, sometimes our neural pathways that sends signals to the brain snap, break, become weak, etc… If you ever notice our bodies have a natural balancing system, if agitation, pain, inflammation etc. starts on one side our body sends the signal to the other side to help, balance that sensors input. When it can’t make it to the other side, because the pathway is broken etc. the symptoms stay localized and keeps bouncing back on itself and manifests a chronic condition. Now by activating the Endocannabinoid system, you can use that system to send the signals that normally wouldn’t make it, allowing your body to negate the symptom as it would in a healthier body with perfect pathways. Now the CB one receptor is only activated by a component in cannabis called THC.

Now your CB2 receptor is responsible for your immune system function, and you carry a lot of CB2 cells in your tonsils, spleen, as well as your major organs. Someone with a weak immune system is more prone to not only illnesses, but as well as cancers, and more major chronic conditions. This is because the immune system is not collecting and moving the bad cells out of the body. Now your CB2 receptor is only activated by component of cannabis called CBN. Now to activate your Endocannabinoid system without having the proper components, is like trying to open your door while it’s still locked it’s just not going to happen. But another thing we’ve found in recent years, is a component of cannabis called CBD doesn’t open either of the receptors on its own and Previously was unknown. The exciting news is scientific studies have found that CBD may not open a receptor, but what it does do is influence and enhance components that do open the receptor, allowing smaller amounts of the components that do open the receptor to be used. For instance, in cannabis there a few THC components, delta8 THC which is non-psychoactive, but there’s also a component which is a delta9 THC which is psycho active. Now delta nine THC is great for killing cancer cells, changing your body to an alkaline state, as well as bringing the body back into a homeostatic state. But sometimes it is not always required in huge amounts, and some people don’t want to have a huge psychoactive “head buzz”.  So, with CBD’s attributes this is a huge advancement.

So, I really do recommend those who know nothing about cannabis, to consider it as I don’t want to get too much into the medical side as I have tons of information on my website for people to look at and learn more about how cannabis can help them. I will say the research is there, and if we weren’t meant to use this plant why is this Endocannabinoid system ingrained in our DNA as well as the number of things It can do. From curing cancer, to Over 256 different conditions that cannabis treats better than any pharmaceutical, feel free to check out Dr. Todd’s list. It can be searched on Google and I’ll include a link below.  But I do feel that everyone in the world really should look at this plant for its medicinal side, instead of just the misconceptions. In Canada I do help patients fill out their paperwork, after they get their doctor to sign. I also offer people a lot of information that they can take to their doctor, via say looking at my website and approaching their doctor with how cannabis can help their condition. I can’t be everywhere in the country to work hands-on with people, and some countries on different sides of the world I have no idea the laws about.

I will say I have been blessed to help patients from hundreds of different conditions from cancer to vertigo and almost everything in between.  so, I have not only had to stay on my toes, it has also challenged me to learn a lot as I don’t like the words I don’t know instead I like the words let me find out more.

So for people who are local to me I can help them find doctors as I know the name of a few doctors who are signing in my region but they don’t go further but there are companies online for people that her anywhere else in Canada that for a fee the doctor go through their stuff as well as sign their paperwork and get it sent off to health Canada for them, and in some cases this is faster than waiting months and months to find out that a family doctor has no knowledge about the plan and refuses to sign the paperwork .As for proper use and education on implementing a health plan that works best for people symptoms absolutely anyone anywhere in the world I can help them via a call or technology to figure that stuff out also I have to do is book a consulting service on my website and then just fill in the details that they are not local.

I haven’t smoked in a while, mainly because I don’t have a medical marijuana card but, if I did I know that I’d want one strand to relax me for bed and perhaps another that would get me out of bed for something other than food. As you’re well aware, we all have different lifestyles and preferences. I’d like to know about what options people have to suit their individual needs.

We have found that cannabis has different terpene profile’s which achieve different results for patients. Now mind you terpenes are not only present in cannabis. If we take for instance lavender, and how lavender is responsible for making us feel tired, and sleepy. The reason why is because it has a lot of a terpene called linalool. Cannabis also has the terpene in it, and it is usually pre-dominant and what we call Indica plants.  The best way to remember that an Indica is more dominant in Terpenes that make you sleepy, is to remember Indica= in da couch. These plants have abundant amounts of different Terpenes in it, that are responsible for anti-inflammation, as well as pain relief, Sedation etc. Now that’s great, but if you’re an active person like me that has things that they need to do, sitting in the couch is not going to solve your days tasks.  That’s where you need what we call a Sativa, sativa’s are high in a terpene called limonene. We also see this in a lot of citrus, hence why citrus tends to make us feel more awake. A problem with Sativa is they can be like drinking a monster energy drink. For those with high anxiety, Sativa’s are not always very well suited, as they can amplify the anxiety condition, so they are not for everyone. But even those with anxiety can benefit from the hybridization of sativa and Indica plants. Which have different terpene profiles all together and can lean towards either the Sativa or Indica. They have components of the other plant to balance out the other downfalls i.e. anxiety of a sativa, the laziness of a Indica and give more of a well-rounded experience to the patient.

Every individual has a different method of consumption that they find works better for their symptoms. What we have found is the rule of thumb inhalation absorption through the bloodstream is instant but the bioavailability of the components that are inhaled are only 20 percent of what is being given to the body with this method. Now for people with epileptic and grand mall seizures, as well as any condition that the brain triggers along the lines of these two conditions. We find that inhalation is the fastest method to stop a seizure in its tracks, and has been recorded to have stopped grand mal seizures in under 30 seconds. Potentially having the patient back to functioning like normal within a five-minute span which is a huge advancement.  But with inhalation depending on the strain the psychoactive effects are not for everybody and this is the least bio available to the body.

Now secondly, we have the ingestion method (capsules, tinctures, candies, cookies etc.). The bioavailability of the components of cannabis in this method are much higher than versus the inhalation method. The percentage being up to 40 percent. Now when you ingest cannabis, it must go through the digestive track. We tend to find people end up more with what we call our body buzz, and this body buzz can last for many hours. This is due to the length of time it takes for the cannabis to go through the system. For example, I do take capsules every night, but it’s before I go to bed. That way I don’t have to deal with it during the daytime, when I need to function, and have things to do.  I do not prefer to ingest cannabis other than in a capsule method.

Lastly, we have the biggest bioavailability that cannabis has to offer being rectally taken in the form of suppositories, the bioavailability of this method is up to 80 percent. There are benefits to different people of taking their cannabis this way, one being for high doses needed for people such as cancer patients. Patients can be started at a much higher dosage, and being it’s given through the rectal track, the psychoactivity is dramatically reduced to almost zero. This allows the patient to intake higher dosages without having to slowly build a tolerance to cannabis previously. So, each method, and each person ‘s preferences do have their own pros and cons. I HIGHLY recommend for people wanting to use cannabis as medicine to look at the following website www.phoenixtears.ca they can read testimonials from other people of many different conditions, and learn how this oil can benefit them. Here they can even learn how to create their own oil in its purest form, with the most medical components for themselves or just learn about what it can do. But this is the method that I promote the most as the most medical components of cannabis are there in that form.

Although you’re located in Canada, it seems like you could offer most of your services to the United States or even Worldwide as well?

Definitely! I can consult with people about most aspects of cannabis use as well as how it can help their medical conditions via online methods until my course is released. Once it is released you can log in anytime you want for a year and view the content and apply it. I am also offering a weekly questions and answers session with me and the students after the material is delivered for the week and once a month they can also get in on the group webinar and share their experiences as well as be encouraged and encourage others. As my aim is t only to make people self sufficient but also build a community that they can visit and find support from and make new friends. That said with the ease of social media use as well as phones I can help people located in all parts of the world to achieve success the first time.

I know you have your own grow room and that you also help clients over the phone and even in person that want to grow themselves. If you would explain the benefits of working with you vs. starting this venture alone and if you’d say in the long run, consulting you will save consumers money?

Even though we call it a weed, and we have learned the medical benefits that this plant can offer us that does not mean that this plan is an easy plan to make work for us. There are many ways, that an amateur can kill this plant and experience a loss in not only money but time and frustration with hoping that the plant will do what It can, just to see it fail. There are a lot of books, videos on the subject but what I am offering people is the opportunity to not experience failures and have somebody there with them to help them achieve the maximum yield, potential, and medical component of their cannabis as they possibly can without having to make the mistakes that happens with amateurs just learning the trade. I wants myself as I said almost 15 years ago was at the point that I had no information and as we all know the Internet wasn’t as big as it is nowadays I experienced my own phases of trial and error.

And in the trial and error I discovered many things about the plan such as how to maximize the potential that the plant has to offer by pushing it through its lifecycle. So basically, what I am offering people is the opportunity to achieve success the first time instead of just hoping for the best. A package of seeds could cost up to $20 per seed and you usually must buy them in packs of five. Depending on the country that you’re in importing seeds can be very dangerous and I don’t recommend it in countries that it is not legal, or the patient is not legal as these consequences can be very serious. But say you get the five pack of seeds in and just spent $100 of your own money, you’ve waited more than a week for the seeds and you’ve also had to buy proper lighting ventilation and others to get set up for when your seeds arrive. In some cases, this could cost more than $1000 depending how elaborate the person gets. Now you have four months before that plant is harvested so for 120 days you must give that plant exactly what it needs and if you don’t know what it needs say at day 60 you mess up something and end up killing your plant. That is 60 days you will never get back as well as the cost of the seeds, the hydro, water, sewage etc. it can be a big expense just to fail, but not only that it’s very discouraging.

So, I’m trying to keep the cost of my program for success to be less a lot than the cost of one-persons failure. Not only that my aim is to make everyone as self-sufficient as they possibly can be, they will have access to all my course content for a full year from the time of ordering which they can refer to it anytime during that year. And if they want to continue onto the next year instead of paying for the program again I will just charge a small fee and they will be given access for another year as well as that year’s course, my way of saying thank you to my loyal patients but even if they don’t continue which is what I would like to see more because that means they are now self-sufficient. Which is the goal. Also, I’m going to try once I get the course going to approach the suppliers i.e. seed banks, nutrient suppliers that I use and see if I can get a discount for the students to join the course.

Besides the services you offer online and locally, you’re also putting together a Course that really covers everything a patient needs to know from your ten+ years being on both sides of this industry. If you would elaborate on your course, who it’s for and why getting started with your information is a better option than just self-researching on the internet?

I always say it really depends on how much a person’s time is worth. Every bit of information that anybody could need for anything is out there somewhere on the Internet but how many hours do you have to scour to find the information all in one place. Now that you think that you found it does it cover all the components are going to need to learn? I know I’ve tried to learn something from the Internet and I’ve ended up spending hundreds of hours trying to find something that works perfectly for me and then I think back and compare how many hours I just spent trying to figure something out versus how much it would cost me to learn it all in one place and when I do the math usually my time isn’t worth very much that way where as I could be putting that time to use to make myself money in another field that I know lots about. So, it is possible research most of it, but I will give a bit of an advancement of what my course will cover it has 17 different chapters with many sub points to cover so each weekly learning session will be at least an hour long and then they will have the option of a half an hour questions and answer session afterwards to help reinforce their learning. Not only that but I’m going to be releasing all my tips and tricks that I’ve learned. I’m basically spilling the beans. As I’ve said before my goal is not to just take peoples money continuously. I would rather them be self-sufficient.

That’s not to say that I’m not there for them as students that I have taught in years past are still asking me questions about new things that they are encountering as they take what they learned and push the envelope into developing new ideas and products that work best for them and in certain areas that they are legal. their communities. Not to pat myself on the back but I am PROUD to say I have been blessed to work with many amazing individuals who are out there in the world helping, healing, and changing peoples lives through things that they have learned through my information.

I am putting together a comprehensive program that will only be available for a limited number of students (200) This will be to keep class small and focus on students and quality content. This course will for a fee, anyone who has internet access can subscribe to this program and learn all about the plant it’s history all through it’s growing stages how to grow this plant yourself and be self sustainable so what I cover is choosing strains that best work for your symptoms all the way through it’s growing stages into its harvest and turning that harvested medicine into medicine that can help people with their conditions and I think this is much more it they’re going to get it at a discounted price and have access for the full year as well as a bunch of bonuses and if they want to continue for the next year they will get that year’s course and be able to continue Juan for a lower cost than the initial investment,  as my goal is to share my knowledge not just take peoples money I would rather see them is stainable on their own once they learn the different phases it become fluent as the plant can be very tricky when you’re just starting out and you can spend a lot of time and money just to achieve failure but that’s why I’m here so that they don’t experience the beginner mistakes and lose money on failures instead they will achieve success by following along the first  time . It’s quite extensive the knowledge I am offering.

Right now, until I launch the course people can go on my website and select a service and I’ll set up an appointment via an online method that works for them to consult their problem, but I really can’t travel around the world per se and work on site like my website offers as that’s just for my local patients.

For people that prefer to learn hands on, I know you’re hosting weekly growing classes at a very affordable $5 per-week for 18 weeks and classes on how to make products with cannabis. For people that are interested, can they join-in online?

For people who are local to me they are more than welcome to join in but for others that’s not always ideal so for those who are at a distance they can always get a hold of me via my website, social media, below or my email integrativehealingcenterca@gmail.com to let me know they are interested and at a distance and I can always do a once a week webinar until the course launches.

I had no idea that the resources were available to help people wanting to get away from big pharma and take advantage of this plant medicine mother has gifted us for so many years. I know you believe and I suspect that people are going to keep leaning towards more natural solutions and the legalization in states and Country’s will expand and with that I appreciate you’re paving the way by helping people get the processes started the right way first.

 Before we go, people interested in you, your blog, your resources and services can get ahold of and follow you how?

You can Get ahold of me via my website at www.canadiancannabisconsultingservices.ca I also have a free offer up there if people want to input there email addresses , They will receive a bonus my how to clone your favorite strain and never have to buy another seed again just for entering there information and when I get the course ready to launch I will send out emails to those who do and they will get a great introductory rate that won’t be offered for long.