I am seeking career advice as I am working a job that I feel is not serving me. I am a receptionist at a country club and have no other real qualifications.

I know I have limiting beliefs about what I am capable of. I was always told that I wasn’t good enough because I never did well in school.

I was a dreamer and didn’t like the school system. I never fit in. Although I am able to be liked and observe and understand almost every experience I never could just be like everyone else.

In the last few years I have fallen into a road block because I am not only lacking confidence to move on and within myself, I don’t know what else to do. I feel stuck and I know there is more out there for me but I just don’t know what I could be great at and what would I love & fulfill me?

I am interested in the stock market because I know you can do it all from home and that kind of lifestyle appeals to me. I also like learning about current events and keeping up with people who are smart and powerful.

Career Advice: I Have Limiting Beliefs About What I Am Capable OfANSWER:

I would say you didn’t do well in school because your talents and excitement isn’t in trivial work, being school work than and a receptionist job now. It doesn’t take long for you to see and understand how institutions or enterprises work and once you have that mindset, it can be difficult to stay motivated working on tasks that feel unimportant, or less than your capable of.

However, being conditioned with the belief that you are not good enough because your school grades reflect the success you have in life limited you. Now that your inner knowing of this not being true has surfaced, your personal growth requires detachment from the beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good so, you can be confident in your capacity and easily bounce back from any setbacks you encounter perusing your greater vision. There are many ways to detach yourself from thought, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you and if you would like an affirmation with this intent, I will send one.

As to what I feel you would be good at, my impression is you have an inner talent for management, especially within business and finance so, I would suggest your next venture allow you to work from home. Because the stock market came-up, I would suggest you follow that lead and see where it takes you, if even just a small investment. But for me, this idea feels to lack fulfillment long-term. Tying into the ideas you have, I think of being a socially conscious influencer meaning, someone that sets a trend or uses trends and though the sharing of knowledge appeals and inspires others to join your quest or support your vision. You mentioned you never fit in and I feel if you embrace your true self and combine it with a primary passion, you will find many followers with similar interests that would find value in what you have to say and could capitalize on this though an offer. To put this idea into perspective, perhaps you learn the inner workings of the stock market or use current events or examples of smart and powerful people to your advantage by creating a guide or formula to attain one aspect that people want or partner with a targeted affiliate that offers something that ties into this larger goal, offers high commissions and can be incorporated into a guide, blog, podcast or other media you enjoy creating. Another idea that comes-up is PLR content, not as a primary focus but as a tool to use as a draft in making something your own and/or as a means of quick content creation, with your unique perspective included, of course.

Love to you,  Holly Joy