4 Adored Celebrity Psychic Mediums And Their FortesThe single thing we love more than watching celebs learn their future is celebrity psychics themselves. All these are a few of the most famous celebrity psychics on earth.

Sally Morgan

In 2007, she rose to fame on the television show “Star Psychic” and has since gone on to appear on many television shows and release books.

Michelle Whitedove

She is an empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient. She relays them to her clients and gets visions, flavors, sounds, and messages in the other side.

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams acquired recognition from her television shows “Voices from the Other Side” and “Life Among the Dead”. She has published many books also hosts a radio show each week, and regularly tours worldwide.

ATR Psychic Holly Joy uses her empath powers to assist people down the right path in life. She considers that honesty is important, and she has a natural ability to be true without hurting feelings.

John Edward

Maybe the most recognized and well known psychic medium in the world is John Edward. He became famous through his stage performances, tours, television shows, and publications. John revealed his psychic skills from a very young age. His family readily taken his gift, and they supported him to mature and learn more about it. His uses his gift to help people gain comfort and find close on those who have crossed over.

If you’re have lingering questions you need answered or thinking about learning more about yourself, contact these or some ATR psychics for an in depth reading.