Upper Chakras, How To Balance Crown & 3rd Eye with Scalp MassageAn amazing strategy to open your third eye chakra and crown chakra is to go for gentle scalp massage.

It is also very helpful in strengthening the roots and nourishing your scalp.

Thus, when you incorporate hair scalp massaging into your routine, you get many benefits; including:




The Benefits of Chakra Balancing Massage:

  • Opens, balances and charges your upper chakras.
  • Promotes wellness and the potential of Healer Within.
  • Provides a deep comfort and insight, understanding, and clarity may naturally emerge.
  • A deeper comprehension of self and self-care.
  • Can be beneficial in many areas of life including chronic health problems, weight problems, troubled relationships, financial issues.

The Benefits Of Hair & Scalp Massage:

You need to take care of your scalp in the same like you do care about your hair. Basically, the beauty of your hair is directly related to the result of the health and maintenance of your roots and scalp.

A lot of people ignore scalp care because nobody talks too much about it but, there are many things we do everyday that affect our scalp such as; using the hair dryers more than suggested, coloring your hair and chemical treatments, using shampoo more or less than required, weather or any environmental conditions (For example: too dry and cold might result in undernourished or a flaky and dry scalp, similarly too humid or hot weather might be the reason for oily scalps). And the list is not over! In these ways, our scalp actually plays an important role in the proper upkeep of hair.

The good news is that it is easy to reunite both your scalp and chakras into equilibrium.

Here’s How:

The main focus of a Chakra Balancing Massage is using your mind and body as a complete system of energy with the help of interacting elements. In order to accomplish an interrelated task, each and every system of our body takes the help of life energy.

Let us take an example, our circulatory system, are hearts pump blood from and to different cells and organs of our body. Where the nervous system can play the role of a communication system while the respiratory system is responsible to let us breathe. So these “energy systems” continuously invigorate and support each other while working together as one complete system.

It is the chakra system that provides energy to all those systems. Each of our chakras expresses a different state of consciousness and are the points of a source of life energy.

Right at the top of your head is your crown chakra. Whenever it is balanced you can enjoy a good sense of knowledge and curiosity, connecting to your higher self, and it acts as a gateway to enter into the spiritual world.

Our third eye is directly related to our intuition. Once balanced we find our mind to be quiet and we can clearly be able to listen to ourselves. It can play a big role in helping you to be prepared to make your goals reality and manifest your dreams.

Thus, you can easily enhance meditation, improve focus, and get relief from the stress by stimulating blood circulation though the third-eye chakras, and crown chakra with a gentle scalp massage.

Upper Chakras, How To Balance Crown & 3rd Eye with Scalp MassageYou can of course do this with your hands but, I noticed a lot of scalp massager products are picking up in popularity because people enjoy them. Personally, when it comes to my self-care, Chakra massage routine, I like using this is a simple, yet effective silicone scalp massager brush by Nature Rise that includes a travel bag and two colors.

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Benefits Of Using The Nature Rise Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush:

Feel the advantages of a top quality therapeutic massage — Rejuvenate your hair growth naturally using this high-quality waterproof massager. Not only can you remove dirt, dandruff and build up, it gives a deep clean to moderately exfoliate your scalp.

Bolster your Hair Rapidly — This superior handheld hair massager will encourage Blood Circulation down to your follicles and roots while additionally producing an anti-dry impact for your hair by a gentle circulation of natural oils.

Designed to be Long Lasting using Super-soft Silicone Comb Bristles— designed to be lightweight (just 2.5 Oz) yet strong.

100% money back guarantee – If you will not be happy with using these 2 sets of brushes for portable shampoo and chakra massaging then Nature Rise will refund you!

How Head Massage Helps Open your Third Eye and Crown Chakras
  1. To Begin with, prepare your environment, you may opt to4 have your candle, scalp treatment, aromatherapy, or anything you would like to relax nearby..
  2. You may also wish to affirm some affirmations while doing this chakra balancing massage.
Crown Chakra Massage Affirmations:

“Divinity resides within me”, “I am open to new ideas”, “Information I need comes to me”, “I am guided by my higher power”, “The world is my teacher”, or “I am guided by inner wisdom”.

3rd Eye Chakra Affirmations:

“I am open to the wisdom within”, “I see all things in clarity”, and “I can manifest my vision”.

Other Tips:

3. First focus on dry hair  and scalp (Note: After using any nourishing scalp treatment you do need to rinse your hair). You can either apply few drops on a part of your hair starting from the front of your head and reaching towards the back or only take the area that you want to treat. Similarly, apply it to other areas of your scalp but always make sure the dropper must be touching your skin.

4. If you are not using a scalp massager, use your fingers. Start extending and contracting your fingertips slowly while closing your eyes. Do not use your fingernails in this process especially while applying the pressure on your scalp. Start massaging different areas of your scalp while thinking about your affirmations. Your fingertips should move in a circular direction. Focus on your body and let your fingertips go where ever they want to be.

5. The usage completely depends on you! No limit of use, such that you can either apply it daily, once in every two-three days, or once in a week.