The Internet offers a great showcase for musicians. Many famous singers were discovered right on the Internet and Youtube. Today we have here with us an Italian pianist who is very successful on the web: Christian Salerno.

Q: When did you start publishing on the web?

A: I started in 2009 following a small video clip I had bought for a little money, explaining the new era of the Internet and the various potentialities.

Q: What were your expectations?

A: I did not have any expectations. I was just thinking of doing what I liked best. Sharing my knowledge totally free and disinterested. The rest came by itself.

Q: When did the Internet become a job for you?

A: Two years later, in 2011. I started getting the first contacts from youtube for concerts, and from musical associations that asked me to take some courses. In 2011 I was just someone else talking about music on Youtube Italy, so the competition was low and the maximum visibility.

Q: On your site places both disks and video courses. Which ones are sold most?

A: Courses. People are hungry for conscience, as Steve Jobs said. They want to find out how to accompany a singer to the piano, rather than learning how to improvise. If you have special knowledge, then it is your duty to share them with others. I think there are no professors. We are all professors and each of us can teach something to someone else.

Q: Your Youtube channel is coming to 40,000 subscribers, a great success. How do you think about celebrating?

A: I’m thinking of creating a very special video that will thank all users, especially those who follow me since I have 1,000 subscribers.

Q: Thanks for your availability, Christian. Where can we continue to follow you?

Imagine! Well, on Youtube obviously and on my Facebook page I update constantly and on which I try to answer all the comments and messages.