Psychic Powers Declassified In New CIA DocumentsThe ‘STAR GATE’ remote viewing programme planned to explore whether humans could be taught to be psychic

The CIA is placing its secret history online, uploading millions of newly declassified files.

The records include previously unseen information regarding the agency’s hunt for UFOs and its particular focus on the “Star Gate” job, which attempted to teach people to become psychic and see through walls.

One file, for example, describes that job in detail.
Private summaries are included by the pages that are previously classified given to presidents as well as the information which is passed between its operatives. They cover everything to comparatively contemporary issues like terrorism in the Cold War and Vietnam.

Presidential aide says rue is not guaranteeing release of UFO files
Meaning that people can see its history until the early 90s, for now. None of that’s chosen, the agency claims, meaning it reveals some of the most contentious episodes of the US government and also the bureau.

The CIA must declassify records which are 25 years old, unless they’re made exempt. That means that it releases a whole new set of documents.

However, this year the first time has accompanied that that the files have already been made accessible online. Until now, the files could only be keep reading four terminals within the US National Archives, in their first format.