Clairaudience is among the four leading types of abilities that are intuitive.

Now we’re going to speak about what it is and some simple ways to develop it.

About Clairaudience

Clairaudience is understood to be clear hearing. It is one of the four important ways information that is intuitive is received. It’s an excellent intuitive ability to have! You may hear phrases, words, music, or sounds. Mediums and psychics who are clairaudient receive messages and advice via their inner hearing.

Clairaudience: In the French word clair which means the word crowd meaning and “clear” “hearing.” Also called internal hearing or psychic hearing. It means hearing things outside the ordinary extent of knowledge.

What Is Having Clairaudience Like?

Clairaudient messages are usually heard with your inner ear. Spirit communicates telepathically, so that is the basis for this.

Clairaudience can be external, also, though that is as unusual. When this occurs, it’s regularly because your spiritual team must get you an important message, including “ look out” ASAP!

Because the voice may sound distinctly distinctive from the physical voices we’re used to hearing when you hear your character team it can be startling. Yet some individuals that have had this encounter really want to always have it because they enjoyed it. If you’re one of those people, you may already be receiving clairaudient messages with your inner hearing (most common), but you simply aren’t conscious of it.

Example: When I’m in an altered state like during meditation names, words and sentences are regularly heard by me. I hear them clearly within my head, but they’re in my own voice. 

Ways to Develop Clairaudience

There are some simple ways to raise your psychic hearing. These exercises are not difficult, but they will help you become more clairaudient. Just don’t forget to exercise, and, more notably… have patience with yourself.

Think of your body as an antenna. Your antenna ‘picks ’ psychic/energetic signals using its perceptions that are additional, such as for example clairaudience up.

Now, bear in mind that when we hear psychically, it’s much different than using our physical ears. The sounds are much more subtle. By stretches our physical hearing, we are educating ourselves to hear those more subtle signals as well.

  1. Listen

The first thing is always to use your physical ears to listen to the sounds around you. See, I told you it was simple! Close your eyes now, provided that it is not dangerous to do this.

Really tune in and focus on those little sounds that you just generally don’t pay attention to. What do you hear? Try to discern between each unique sound.

As an example, right now I can hear:

A fan, cars in the far distance, the hum of air conditioner.

The more you are able to stretch your hearing, the better. What do you hear on your right? Your left? And all around you? I think you’ll be surprised to find how much it helps, once you’ve practiced this a bit.

  1. Practice With Sacred Acoustic Music

I assume if you’re able to get your hands on some sacred acoustic music, that’s the choice that is best, although any music is fine to try this exercise. Why? Because it’s all instrumental, and it will not be more difficult for the sake of this exercise.

Sit start the music up, and concentrate. Actually listen carefully. Pick one instrument, and focus on it. 

If you should be having difficulty, simply breathe and focus. Now pick another instrument. Can there be a flute?  You get the idea.

  1. Envision the Sounds

This is an excellent way to stretch those muscles that are clairaudient!

All you have to do is sit in a room that is quiet and use your imagination. Try envisioning sounds, such as:

the sound of a guitar or other instrument playing

a favorite tune playing in your head

The distinct sound of a tool, including a drill or jackhammer

Practice this for a few minutes each day until it’s simple that you imagine the sounds in the mind.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is essential to developing psychic powers, including clairaudience.

It’s a time on your mind to be at rest, and clear away all the litter that’s accumulated. You wouldn’t let your house fill up with jumble (at least I hope not!), thus don’t let your brain, either. When you can practice meditation about a quarter hour per day,.

You might want to start asking questions during your meditations, once you’ve got the hang of meditating.

Ask your guides and your Higher Self any questions you may have, and ask that the information be received via clairaudience.