Our psychic centre of clairvoyance is a natural gift that everyone can grow and enhance to supra sensory degrees. In reality, it really is the most commonly used of all our psychic centers. The Third Eye, which boosts this faculty, is situated within the 6th Chakra and is the seat of intuition our window to higher dimensions.

Clairvoyance & The 3rd Eye

Crystal Ball Gazing Clairvoyance Crystal Ball Gazing
In early mystical teachings, it was also well-known that creative imaging with all the 3rd eye was critical for messages that are inspirational in addition to getting hunches for problem solving. But, the source of this information has really been filtered down from 6th Chakra, or the third eye.

Throughout history as well as in most cultures there have been anecdotal narratives and historical claims of clairvoyant abilities. In ancient Egypt clairvoyance was used in the healing temples and exceptionally trained young women called “looking ladies” would utilize this skill to help heal others by gazing to the innards of the body. From this, they might diagnose the issue and alert the temple priests of the ailment.

Other instances have been associated with illustrious figures the Dark Ages sorcerer of myth and legend, such as Merlin and Nostradamus.

Famous Clairvoyants of the Past

Michel de Nostredamus (December 1503 – July 1566)
The most famous clairvoyant was Nostradamus. Nostradamus has been credited with calling numerous occasions including the French Revolution, the atom bomb, the rise of Adolf Hitler, in world history, and a few say the September 11, 2011, assault on the World Trade Center. Naysayers and skeptics may disagree and call the predictions coincidence, but for me, many of Nostradamus’ forecasts were overly right on to be called coincidences that are obscure.

Now the label of “clairvoyant” is regarded and is relegated by many to the art of fortune telling.

It’s required many dedicated light workers and honest psychics, to pull this excellent inborn skill out of something into becoming an accepted profession previously looked down upon. When the U.S. got wind of the fact that the Russians were using psychics to spy on the U.S., the U.S. military answered with their own secret program. This program went on for some time by means of a method of clairvoyant seeing they’d developed with all the help of psychic, Ingo Swann. This method was later labeled, “Remote Viewing”. Servicemen who displayed strong 6th sense abilities and were subsequently recruited to train in this system were rigorously hunted for by the military.