Develop Psychic Abilities With A Little Practice

Certainly everyone has experienced déjà vu at some point; many people claim their dreams have accurately predicted the future while others have claimed to have correctly predicted the outcome of a ball game or the ending of a television series or movie.

What these people don’t realize is they may have tapped into their psychic abilities. It’s alright if you’re skeptical, many people are, but ask yourself this, is it really just a coincidence that the song playing in your head all day is the first song you hear when you get in the car?

Many people compare psychic abilities to athletic or musical talent, everybody has some and some are blessed with more, much more, than others, and just like sports or music, the more you practice, the better it gets regardless of where you start.

Just like with a jump shot or piano lessons, there are ways you can develop psychic abilities.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  •  Meditation – by meditating, you are training your mind to be calm and receptive to input, this is an state for the mind to see beyond what the eyes see and is imperative for anyone that wants to develop psychic abilities.


  • Listen – not just to voices, listen to your surroundings, the wind in the trees, your footsteps on the sidewalk, water going down the drain. This type of ‘deep listening’ will improve your intuition and help you to not only develop psychic abilities but recognize when you are being presented with signs.


  • Keep a Journal – write down your dreams, déjà vu episodes and other ideas or thoughts that may be in your mind for no apparent reason, once it is written it can be adjusted and will provide you with some examples of what you may have thought were coincidences.


  • Practice – make two or three predictions each day and keep track of your correct predictions. You should see a steady improvement in your success rate as you develop psychic abilities.


  • Take a Test – there are any number of tests online that you can use to test your current ability level. A good technique is to take an initial, or baseline, test and repeat a similar test at regular intervals. This will allow you to track your progress and make corrections to your practice routine, when necessary.


These are just a few examples of exercises that can help build your psychic muscles and is in no way intended to be a comprehensive list. You should pick the one’s that work best for you, and don’t be afraid to adjust your practice routine.

Once you get a feel for what you are most comfortable with, practice, practice, practice – LeBron James didn’t wake up one day as the best basketball player in the world, he put in the work necessary to get there and the same logic applies to psychic abilities, even the very best have to practice to fully develop their skills.