developing psychic abilities

Many people have this rather confused notion that every psychic begins his or her journey fully formed and with complete control over his or her abilities, this is very far from the truth and anything but the actual case; even the most esteemed psychics are always developing their psychic abilities and there are many different ways of doing this.
Since the field of psychic work is so obtuse and obscured, often and typically even to psychics themselves there is no one set way of doing things as different methods resonate with different people. What is most important is finding ways of developing your psychic abilities that feels right and is most helpful to you, personally.

Six Steps To Developing Psychic Abilities…

1. Meditation

One of the most crucial ways by which you can get attuned, or re-attune yourself to your internal psychic self is by meditation. And it doesn’t just have to be concentrating on your navel or doing strange poses and chanting arcane scripts in solemn procession, just having the ability to quite your mind and go within will be sufficient.

2. Trust Your Intuition 

Just because you might know a lot of people whom are skeptical don’t let them weight you down. Learn to trust your abilities and follow your intuition wherever it might happen to lead and you will be extremely surprised at the results. People all too often these days have learned many methods of ignoring or shutting out their intuition completely. This may be fine for someone who isn’t interested in becoming a psychic or reconnecting with their lost or diminished abilities, but for those among us whom are it is absolutely crucial.

3. Have Patience

Don’t try to force your abilities, which will only lead to stunted growth. Be collective, reflective and patient and try to learn from your mistakes or times when nothing seems to be, “Coming to you.” These are times that we all experience but are beneficial by giving you the opportunity to discover what it is that you are doing and how you are being affected, and if you aren’t prideful, this reflection will allow you to all the more quickly get back on track and start doing things right.

4. The Three P’s

Practice times three, do it over and over and over. Don’t let a slew get you down. Keep at it! The psychic greats didn’t let anything stand in their way and they practiced consistently, as Psychic development is ongoing. Try and develop a schedule around your daily activities, something that doesn’t take too much time at first so that you can easily incorporate it into your daily grind and avoid getting burnt out.

5. Study 

Read as many books and watch as many programs as you can, study readers that resonate with you. Some things they might have done will be helpful but other techniques may not work or appeal very much to you, that’s okay. But always keep studying and exploring the areas that you are drawn too. For some recommendations to get started refer to our list of book and movie reviews. 

4. Join A Psychic Development Group

Networking with other people that share a similar interest and are available to answer your questions is ideal for anyone serious about development. If you enjoy learning from others you can check with the folks at your nearest spiritualist church or find an independent psychic development group in your area on Meetup.com or their are many online options like our psychic development group Intuitive Pathways on Facebook