What's The Difference Between Normal and Paranormal Senses?Our nervous system has a specific sensory system dedicated to each sense. Humans have five traditionally recognized senses. Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, but they go much more deeply and are a lot more complex than first imagined. In addition to the five commonly accepted senses, there are also awareness of balance, pressure, temperature, pain, motion and combinations, which evoke other sensations. Just to throw a little more interest into the mix, there is a sixth sense, which is an extrasensory perception or intuition that is beyond our five commonly recognized senses.

Personally, I feel that calling it the ” Sixth Sense” is an oversimplification. Consider the fact that there are our inner hearing and inner sight that are differentiated from our outer senses of the same, and that is where things get more complicated than I can explain. All you have to do is close your eyes and picture a red beach ball or yellow sun to realize that you have inner sight, when you hear a song playing over and over in your head, you recognize the fact that you have very vital inner hearing as well. There are other senses that take place outside of our physical systems like spontaneous knowing and feelings that have no connection to outside stimuli. There is energy moving around us constantly and we only need to open ourselves up to it to be able to absorb it even if we don’t completely understand from where it comes.

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Complete Guide To Writing Energetic Affirmations That Support Your Personal Development & Spiritual Growth