What is the Difference between Tarot and Psychic Readings? How do we find out the difference between tarot and psychic readings? It is necessary to know first what these terms are. Tarot and psychic readings are the ways which people used to predict their future and different issues in their lives.

Neither one is superior to one other. This process is depending on the individual presenting the advice and how experienced they are within their job along with what you’ll be personally at ease with. Many people are usually not confident with tarot cards; others like to observe the cards mainly because it enables them to feel involved. Other individuals don’t want psychic advisors solely because they find it too vague. However, both are valid methods of fortune telling and if interested you can look at diverse options compared on www.peninsuladailynews.com to find one that suits you.

What is Tarot reading?

The tarot is a deck of cards, with symbols and imaginary stories. There are 22 major Arcana cards and 54 minor Arcana cards totaling 78 cards. The Major Arcana represent the spiritual and karmic lessons of life. The Minor Arcana represent the happenings and troubles we face on a daily basis. There are 16 tarot court cards within the Minor Arcana. All these 16 cards reflect 16 different personality characteristics that you may choose to show your personality at any time. There are 40 numbered cards present in minor arcana, arranged in 4 suits i.e. pentacles, wands, swords and cups having 10 cards in each set. They represent different situations you may encounter from day to day. The tarot reading uses these decks of cards to predict the future and tell about happenings in life. You can find different online tarot readers compared on juneauempire.com so that you can choose the best for you.

What is psychic reading?

A psychic reading, unlike tarot reading, is the attempt to predict or collect information using high perceptive abilities or intuition or it can be merely a natural extension of human senses of sound, touch, taste and sight and instinct. For a person to use a psychic reading method, it is necessary that he or she should know how to use the power of intuition or psychic gifts that they have.

What is the Difference between Tarot and Psychic Readings? Origins

Tarot readings: The origin of tarots lies back in the 15th century. It was used in many areas of Europe. It was first used as a reading method in the 18th century.

Psychic readings: Psychic reading has many types. We can’t specify their origins because every kind has a specific origin.


Tarot readings: Tarot reading method is simple and straightforward which can be learned by anyone as it is wholly dependent on the deck of cards. Tarot readings don’t require any intuition, psychic abilities or instinct power. The deck of cards has the spiritual energy you have to learn how to interpret and read each card.

Psychic Readings: Unlike tarot readings, psychic readings require spiritual power. People usually have natural intuition powers and born with natural psychic abilities. In most of the cases, these abilities are transferred from ancestors throughout generations. Psychic requires awareness of the spiritual world as they are not going to access anything from cards. They must have to get it from the spiritual world.

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Tarot readings: When you go for a tarot reading you will participate in some activities with cards. You may be asked to touch the card or blow over them. It depends on the reader he can ask you for and activity. Then the reader will concentrate and focus on the cards and read the cards, not you.

Psychic readings: Psychic reading is different in a way from tarot reading that there are no cards involves the reader with a focus on you, and he can pass the information of the spiritual world to you. A more significant difference is the psychic reader can not only tell you about your future but your present and past too. A psychic can read your appearance, and the energy arises by you. They can also collect information about your spiritual body and read it. They also can look for spiritual beings around you.

What is suited for you tarot or Psychic reading?

You may have a question in mind that which reading is best for you either tarot or psychic readings? The simple answer to this question is no one is better than other. It is because the selection of the reading method is entirely dependent on individual beliefs and perception. It also depends on the person giving you advice and how skilled are they in their craft.

Some people don’t go for tarot cards as they believe that it is only about cards and nothing about the spiritual world. Others may like tarot because it helps them to feel more involved in activities with cards.

Still, there are some who don’t like psychic as it seems to be unclear and confusing. Thus, it is a personal view and perspective that what you choose. There are many online tarot cards reading available. You can try the one such as Tarot Prophet for your own experience of tarot readings.

When you are getting for reading make sure that you are at the right place and right reader for you. You should ask the reader what is their approach so that you can have a better idea of what is going to happen and what will be the compelling questions to explore. The readings will let you have a chance to build a good relationship with the reader.

Try different readers and check how they read differently. You may find differences between different readers doing the same tarot reading. It is because all the readers have their own experience, their way of speaking to you and interacting with you and offer you different perceptions in interpretations.

In the end, I will say there are many differences between the tarot and psychic readings, but it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other or we recommend you one and not the other. Both are equally adapted by people depending on their beliefs and concerns. If you are interested to know which one works best for you try both readings by yourself. You can contact online fortune tellers for both tarot and psychic readings. Get your conclusion as we all are different and our problems and needs are different.